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The 10 Most Romantic Restaurants in Hong Kong

Romance is a song and dance that is continuously played throughout the year in Hong Kong. With the number of romantic restaurants, getting romantic isn’t hard. The city is absolutely alive with excitement and beauty, which is really what romance is all about, isn’t it? From the stunning view from Victoria Peak to the neon signs of Causeway Bay, Hong Kong is one of the best places for couples who are trying to regain that spark.

Aside from all the shopping and activities, Hong Kong is notorious for its restaurant scene, and if you’re visiting, you’ll want to dive in. While the choice of restaurants can be overwhelming, you may want to narrow it down to the most romantic spots in the city. Don’t worry, there are a ton of those too, but we have broken the list down into just ten places. Grab your partner by the hand and get ready to wine and dine them in some of Hong Kong’s most romantic establishments.

Café Gray Deluxe

upper house, Swire, Hotel, Hong Kong

upper house, Swire, Hotel, Hong Kong

While the name says café, this is a full-fledged restaurant serving European cuisine with an Asian influence. Café Gray Deluxe chefs use organic ingredients and tend to keep things seasonal, so every meal is fresh. You’ll find this place on the 49th floor of the Upper House, and it can be characterized by its high-end décor. You may not even notice the fine interior because you’ll be too busy looking at the view over Victoria Harbor. The wine list here is extensive so make sure to order a glass and toast to the person you love.


With crystal chandeliers and white table clothes, this restaurant looks like a scene from an Audrey Hepburn film. Gaddi’s been a big player in the Hong Kong restaurant world for 50 years and is located in the Peninsula Hotel. Put on your best attire and show up for your reservation on time. The crowd here tends to be older, and you can join them in a starter of lobster bisque soup while you listen to the piano play in the background.


The 10 Most Romantic Restaurants in Hong Kong

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Named after the artsy Hutong section of Beijing, Hutong offers fine dining within a more urban/modern, trendy twist. The décor is purposely rustic, and the food can be classified as traditional Chinese from the north. Try the wok-fried beef tenderloin or embrace the more unusual dishes like stewed fish head or poached frog legs.


The layout of this restaurant is really one of the most important parts of its charm. There is an outdoor terrace with sun umbrellas that makes the perfect dining spot with a view. The windows are floor to ceiling so even if you are sitting inside, you’ll still have a great view. The trendy guests that usually dine here will likely have reservations, so make sure to make some before showing up. Try the salt-crusted sea bass or the grilled sirloin with anchovy and red onion sauce.

Nobu Intercontinental

nobu international - restaurant

Nobu Matsuhisa owns world-renowned restaurants in cities like New York, London, Miami, and Tokyo. Now, with the Hong Kong location, you can experience this elegant restaurant that really lives up to its romantic reputation. The menu is heavy on sashimi and sushi, but guests can also indulge in tempura, steaks, and a whole selection of Japanese dishes. And since it overlooks the harbor, you’ll be sure to get the romance brewing from just the view alone.


French food is usually the first thing that comes to mind when you want to have a romantic dinner. Serving up authentic, French cuisine from Chef Vincent Thierry, this opulent restaurant doesn’t disappoint. You’ll want to put on your best outfit so that you can look the part while you dine on Roast Chicken or Artichoke Cappuccino while you enjoy the view of Victoria Harbor.

Alto 88

Located in the Regal Hong Kong Hotel, Alto 88 fits in perfectly with the elegant atmosphere and décor. The chef is Anthony Genovese, a Michelin award winner whose specialty is Italian cuisine. With well-spaced tables and upholstery that is noticeably ornate, this restaurant is one of the most romantic places to have a meal in Hong Kong.

London House

This restaurant gets everything right when it comes to a dining experience. British chef, Gordon Ramsay is the man behind the restaurant and guests here can dine on some pretty fantastic British classics like Bangers and Mash and Fish and Chips. The restaurant spans two levels, big screen TVs for sporting events and an outdoor dining terrace. While the atmosphere is laid back, the experience still exudes romance, especially for Brits who are looking for a taste of home.

Oyster and Wine Bar

Located in the Sheraton hotel, a restaurant with oysters and wine in the name is sure to be romantic. Oyster lovers will especially get a thrill from eating here as the menu offers two dozen different oyster varieties. While the menu also features sushi, sashimi, and lobster, guests can also order grilled meats. If you get a table by the window, you will be greeted with stunning views of the harbor below.

The Verandah

This elegant dining experience can be had in Hong Kong’s oldest hotel, the Peninsula. It’s a classic Hong Kong restaurant experience that still has roots in days where elegant dining was more mainstream. Guests here actually have access to a buffet, which is filled with expertly made dishes, and as much of them as you can eat. If self-serving isn’t your style, the kitchen can also cook up anything from fish to steak and deliver it right to your table. Dining here is like an event, and the clean-cut décor makes it both romantic and memorable.

Hong Kong is a romantic destination within itself. The buzz of the city streets is enough to excite your mind and senses and make you feel closer to your loved ones, as groves of people wander the streets. The dining scene here is world-renowned, and the opportunity to experience it is something that is truly unique. Whether you want classic Chinese food, French cuisine, or European fare, you’re sure to find something in one of Hong Kong’s most romantic eateries.

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