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Because These 15 Instagram Accounts From China Are Incredible

From dangerously ridiculous rooftop views to inspirational artsy motifs and unintentionally hilarious memes, the 15 Instagram accounts from China curated below offers a wide collection of shots that share one-of-a-kind takes on both traditional and modern living.

If you’re looking for inspiration, the talented Instagrammers below offer it to you on a silver digital platter.

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seftar county

What is it all about? This Chongqing-based photographer showcases exclusive rooftop views, charming local-based models, and menacingly mysterious silhouettes. His photos stop you in your tracks; putting you into a trance that openly resists precious time, you just can’t look away. Bravo!

Kyle Yu


What is it all about? Clever as it is inspiring, photographer Kyle Yu’s Instagram account captures Hong Kong with a special lense — his wits. You’ll find him effortlessly documenting a geometric-esthetic unseen by the average eye. You will never look at another line the same way again.



What is it all about? Bewildering photos that capture southern Chinese city, Guangzhou, NK7’s anonymity add to its magic and mystery. You’ll find work covering eye-candy models, drones, incredible roof-topping shots, celebrities, and the best of the sprawling port city northwest of Hong Kong.


hang ho

What is it all about? Naturally aloof, this China-based Instagrammer is obviously a fan of portraits and minimalism. Filters are rarely used as he captures his version of China life filled with country hospitality, cloudy daydreams, and outdoor charm.



What is it all about? Poshy and simple, this anonymous Instagram account captures elegance in a bottle. It’s accentuated with black and white filters and minimalist subject-single shots. Despite it being without the obvious tourist attractions, its body of work is a pageant for “new blood traditional” with a hipster twist.


one toilet one dream - sublime china 2

What is it all about? Language is a funny thing. When translated in a different dialect its expression and meaning can totally change on its own. In a nutshell, this account is filled with unintentionally comical translations.


chinese - model

What is it all about? Contemporary art and the artists spear-heading the movement in China. Here you’ll find a curation of up-and-coming artists; a gateway to the minds of the rebels, the misfits, the creative outcasts, the artsy Jedi forces of the future — it’s all here.


leng vision

What is it all about? Shanghai-based Leng is a deaf photographer with thundering imagery. You’ll notice his sixth sense for photography, his third eye of his Instagram account is loaded with an arsenal of booming angles.



What is it all about? This isn’t just any ordinary photo diary, it’s the photo diary of up-and-coming photographer William Cheng. The Hong Kong-based photog is as creative as he is adventurous. You’ll find sky-high views, mutant-like concepts, and even engaging images from nearby destinations like Dubai, South Korea, and more.



What is it all about? Incredible lights of the night with fetching models, this Hong Kong-based photographer Horacio La celebrates Hong Kong cool in his photos. His work was featured in House of Vans 2015 and @beautifuldestinations.


hong kong rooftoppers

What is it all about? Teen Samuel Chan’s Instagram account is fearlessly awe-inspiring. It’s filled with time-lapses, incredible action shots, sky-high roof-topping selfies, and time-honoured documentation of classic architecture.

Nick Gaw

nick gaw

What is it all about? Nick Gaw is a student, when he isn’t in class he’s taking incredibly professional photos of his homeland in Hong Kong or documenting his move to Los Angeles. His excitement for humdrum objects acts as a reminder that the ordinary can be extraordinary.


smartphone in china

What is it all about? Arguably one the most prolific Instagrammers in China, hym.1 introduces you to his dreamy life one glorious snapshot at a time. You’ll find nature, nightlife, unbelievable sky-high views, and more photog gems all twisted into one creative joint of incredible.



What is it all about? From vinyl to movies to concerts and drones, Fred Zhang is without question a shutterbug-happy digital nomad. You’ll find architecture, daredevil-like photography, and even a few celebrity cameos all up in his mix.



What is it all about? Artsy, surreal, and eclectic a.haha.h ‘s Instagram profile is a treasure for awe-striking shots. From glitzy models to borderline insane rooftop shots, one glance at his body of work lights up a smile and leaves you in a state of being stupefied.


China is arguably the most beautiful country in the world. It’s rich in history and incredibly endowed with natural charm and good looks. The 15 must-follow Instagram accounts from China listed above offers only a glimpse into what has been fermenting in the east for the last 5000 years. If you have other awe-striking Instagram accounts from China that you think belong on this list, feel free to drop us a line in the comments section below. Until next post. Cheers!

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