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30 Great Chinese Gift Exchange Ideas

Gift-giving is embedded in Chinese culture. If you’re looking for great Chinese gift exchanges ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

While you may be dreading the cold and snow, you’re probably pretty excited for the gift giving part of the season. Buying a gift for every person you know can be expensive. That’s why Chinese Gift Exchanges are so popular. If you’ve never been part of this festive game, you might want to start planning one now!

Throwing a Chinese Gift Exchange party is pretty easy. Everyone that’s invited must bring one, gender-neutral gift; wrapped of course. Then, all presents are put into a pile where everyone can see them.

Everyone draws a number to see who goes first. The lucky person to start has to pick a present from the pile and open it in front of everyone. The next person to pick a gift can either take from the pile or steal a gift from someone else. The game keeps going like this until no one wants to steal a present.

Sounds pretty fun huh? If you want to host a Chinese Gift Exchange party this year, here are 30 gift exchange ideas!

Atlas Coffee Club Subscription/Coffee

Coffee is delicious, empowering, and perfectly gender neutral! This subscription service delivers coffee beans or grounds from different places around the world. They come to the door every month! Start off with one bag and add the subscription to the package.

Tea From Around The World Set

This set comes with ten different teas. They are loose so you’ll need something to brew them in. Each one comes from a different place around the world.

Carry-on Cocktail Kit

30 Great Chinese Gift Exchange Ideas

Whether it’s a Moscow Mule or a Margarita, you’ll be able to shake it up on the go. Bring this kit on the plane or just sneak it into your bag for a day out on the town.

City Dish Towel

Everyone has got to wash their dishes right? If you’re all celebrating together, it’s likely that you all have a connection to the same city. Get a practical dishtowel with a drawling of your city on it for some extra meaning.

Portable Water Color Set

Maybe they take painting seriously or just like to make a mess, but there’s bound to be someone who’s interested in art. This little watercolor set can be transported anywhere that inspires creativity.

Cedar Wood Flask

This flask will help your friends drink in style. It’s a classy way to sneak some booze into the movie theater!

Picnic Backpack

30 Great Chinese Gift Exchange Ideas

Nature lovers are going to want to steal this gift until they can call it their own. It’s perfect for a romantic day at the beach or for hiking into the woods for a picnic lunch with a view.

Flavor Infuser Water Bottle

This gift is practical AND fun! Keep your friends hydrated and help them get their daily fruit intake with this convenient water bottle! Plus, your environmentally conscious friends will be thanking you for adding this gift to the pile.

Travel Diffuser Aromatherapy Kit

Maybe the name of this gift exchange will inspire someone in the group to visit China! The plane ride is long, so they will probably appreciate this mini aromatherapy kit. Once they get to their hotel room in Beijing or Shanghai, they can ease into their jet lag feeling calm.

Table Space Saving Bottle Hanger

30 Great Chinese Gift Exchange Ideas

This gift is perfect for the student in your group! There never seems to be enough room on the library desks or in the cafes. Whoever steals this bottle hanger will be able to utilize their space to study harder for their exams.

Fortune Teller Tumbler

It’s like the adult version of a Magic 8 ball. Once you down your mixed drink, you will get to see your fortune in the bottom of the glass. Buy a few of these and your friends could devise a pretty interesting drinking game.

Bubble Tea Kit

30 Great Chinese Gift Exchange Ideas

People go crazy for bubble tea in China! Whoever gets this gift is in for a tasty bit of culture.

A Life Planner

A life planner is a pretty great gift for anyone who would like to get closer to reaching their goals. It doesn’t matter who opens this gift; they will be able to benefit from a little bit more planning in their life.

A Quote Print

30 Great Chinese Gift Exchange Ideas

Why not give the gift of extra motivation? Whoever opens this print may find themselves with more inspiration than just picking out the frame.

Stained Glass Cactus

These fun little gift makes having a plant super easy. Even the friend who never had a green thumb can keep these beauties alive. They make great decorations for the home or the office.

Herb Kit

Having fresh herbs makes food taste so much better. This kit has everything your friends need to have their own little herb garden right at home.

Taco Holder

30 Great Chinese Gift Exchange Ideas

OK, this one is a pretty silly gift, but who doesn’t love tacos? And honestly, it’s pretty hard to get them to stand up when you’re serving them at a dinner party. Plus, it’s shaped like a dinosaur, so what could be better?

Sushi Making Kit

Sushi can get downright expensive huh? With this sushi making kit, your friends can make some in their very own home. Plus, it gives you an excuse to invite yourself over for dinner.

Microwave Popcorn Popper

This little contraption will pop popcorn without a microwave. Bring this on a camping trip, and you will be the life of the party.

A Wishing Ball

This cool little crystal ball is set up so that you can write down your wishes and put them inside. It’s an uplifting gift for any of your friends, especially as they get ready to make New Year resolutions!

Convertible Wine Rack

This rack can hold either 1, 3, 6, or 12 bottles of wine. But, you would never know it because it folds in and out. Stock up and watch the rack grow as your collection does.

Wine Soaps

30 Great Chinese Gift Exchange Ideas

Have any wine lovers in the group? I’m sure there are quite a few. These handmade soaps are crafted with real wine that not only smells good but is fantastic for the skin.

Letters to Future Self

It’s kind of like a time capsule but in letter form. This gift is great for anyone who wants to remember what their goals and dreams were, well into the future.

Cereal Bowl With Basketball Hoop

Eating cereal just got a whole lot more exciting. This little bowl has a basketball net attached so that your friends can take a few shots with their breakfast cereal of choice before leaving for work.

Salsa Grow Kit

It’s not that often that people get the chance to eat salsa that was freshly grown and made. Give the gift of a great snack by adding this salsa grow kit to the gift pile.

Self-Chilling Wine Glasses

Because sometimes we grab a bottle of wine from the store and want to drink it right away. These nifty glasses will have a nice, white wine ready to drink in only a few minutes.

Sake Making Kit

30 Great Chinese Gift Exchange Ideas

You’ve probably seen beer making or wine making kits before. However, Sake making kits aren’t as popular. This is the perfect gift for the friend who likes to go their own way instead of with the crowd. They will love to be the one with the home-made sake when they go to their next party.

Driftwood iPhone Charging Dock

The driftwood look is SO in right now! And, most people have an iPhone these days. The friend who picks this gift will love that they can keep their phone charged in style.

Counter Top Composting Bin

30 Great Chinese Gift Exchange Ideas

Let’s all save the planet, shall we? If you have any eco-friendly pals in your group, this gift will go over well. They can compost right from their kitchen! Not a bad way to help the planet and cut down on how many trash bags they use.

Aromatherapy Diffuser

Help your friends feel a little more relaxed while they’re at home. This diffuser is great for to get them ready for bed or just get the house smelling great before a party.

With this list, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have an awesome gift to bring to your next Chinese gift exchange! Have a great time!

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