4 Places to See Nature’s Best in Nujiang Lisu

Nujiang Lisu is an autonomous region in western Yunnan province which has been blessed with some incredible natural landscapes. The thick green forests, stunning cliffs, and winding rivers are just a part of the sights that you will witness here. This area is home to many unique plants, such as different species of Orchids, some very rare. Also, many rare and beautiful animals call this territory their home, including tigers, pandas, bears, peacocks, and more!

What’s more, this place in China is steeped in fascinating history, and the culture of its local minority groups is something you need to see to have the full experience of Nujiang Lisu.

Here’s a list of four amazing places in Nujiang Lisu where you’ll witness natural beauty at ts best. 

Nujiang River

The Nujiang (or Nu) River is one of three rivers that traverses this area. The other two are the Lancang and the Dulong. These three rivers wind their way through valleys and gorges, causing steep drops from majestic mountain ranges that rise around them.


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This river derives its name from the word Nu, which means rage in the tongue of the local people. And you can understand why for the thunderous sounds of its raging waters at certain spots!

There are many different activities you can experience along banks and in the waters of these rivers. On the banks of Nujiang River, you will find beautiful sandy beaches where you can relax and get some tan, or join in the customs of the local minority groups. Also, don’t forget to keep your eye out for interesting local wildlife!

The Dulong Gorge

If you are interested in seeing rare wild plants, beautiful birds, and a stunning drop from the tops of the Gaogongli Mountains to the gulley below, then you have to visit the Dulong Gorge. This gorgeous area is full of life and is also a prime place for bird watching enthusiasts. You’ll be able to see all kinds of interesting birds, such as Crested Kingfishers, Fire-tailed Myzornis, Eurasian Teals, and many others. This truly is a nature lover’s paradise!

Nujiang Canyon

One of the most spectacular gorges in the world. This lush forest drops off is an incredible sight to witness in person. Because of the steep incline of the canyon walls, this area is home to a very diversified climate that depends on elevation. At the bottom of the canyon by the Nujiang River, you will experience high temperatures. However, the higher you go up the mountain, the colder the weather is, and most of the peaks (which reach over 3000 meters) are covered in snow for most of the year.

Interestingly, this area was uncharted by maps until the 1930’s. It held on to its mysterious aura due to foreign disease and a dangerous local tribe. It’s mysterious history gives the place an interesting story to match its fantastic views.


Known as a ‘one street town,’ this tiny village is home to some of the different ethnic minorities who have lived in this region for centuries, including the Lisu people. You’ll be able to see different cultures with different customs living peacefully together. Some of these minority groups were reached by Christian missionaries long ago, so the mixture of Christianity, Lamaism, and other tribal religious customs is fascinating to see.


Source: HolaChina

This tranquil area is full of natural beauty. In fact, just arriving in Bingzhongluo is enough to have you awestruck! Take a shared van from Gongshan for around 10 yuan. There is also a bus from Liuku which will be cheaper. Just make sure that you don’t close your eyes during the trip because the ride through steep mountain passes and thick bamboo forests is one you’ll never forget.

When to Visit Nujiang

This area typically experiences cold, dry winters and warm, wet summers. In the southern part of Nujiang, you will find warmer weather, while in the northern it is generally colder. To avoid monsoon season, we suggest visiting in September.
This beautiful part of the Yunnan province is truly a gem of natural beauty waiting to be discovered! Enjoy the gorgeous landscapes surrounding you while you get to know the friendly and vibrant local culture.

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