5 Reasons Why Now is the Best Time to Visit China

There has never been a better time to travel to China than right now. As China has continued to develop its economy and landscape it has become increasingly welcoming to tourists. With so many ways to explore this enchanting country, which has the world’s longest continuous civilization, there has been a renewed commitment to protecting China’s unique cultural heritage and world-class eco-diversity. This list has been compiled with the budget-conscious traveler in mind and has excellent resources for individuals who are looking to make the trip to China in the near future. So what are you waiting for?

Here are five reasons why there has never been a better time to board an airplane and go to China.

The Wine and Craft Beer Scenes Have Never Been Better

For the last ten years wine has continued to grow in popularity within China. From 2008 to 2013 consumption in China doubled. Although there is a great deal of wine imported to China, domestic consumption has pushed production. Today there are more than 700 vineyards in China, which is astonishing when one considers that there were only about 240 in 1995.

There have been vineyards opened in nearly every province of China creating exceptional Cabernet Sauvignons and notable sparkling wines. To visit China’s wineries is a step into the future of wine making, which has exotic dimensions that will enchant the most discerning oenophile.

Similarly, craft beer mania has found its way to China and continues to blossom. If you like to tour breweries, almost every major city now has several. Craft beer is now such a popular aspect of Chinese culture that multi-day tours of breweries are now being offered throughout China.

If craft beer festivals are your preference, you can find excellent ones in China. Two of the most popular festivals are the Shanghai International Beer Festival and the Beijing Craft Beer Festival. Both offer beer from dozens of breweries, live music, and delicious food.

For the tippler who enjoys discovering a new wine or a craft beer experience, there has never been a better time to escape to China.

The Cost of Travel to and from China is Comparatively Cheap

A recent study found that China is the cheapest country in the world for full-service international flights. Amazingly, international flights from China cost $1.22 per 100 kilometers, contrast that number with Canada at $43.70 per kilometer and it is easy to understand how substantial the savings are. There has never been a better time to board an airplane and find out about all of the excitement that East Asia has to offer!

China is Cleaning-up with a New Dedication to Environmentalism

A development strategy known as “Ecological Civilization” is transforming China. In 2007, the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party convened their 17th National Congress where they vowed to begin a wide-ranging ecological development plan. This plan was to be carried out as harmoniously as possible with the environment and populous. When the National Congress convened in 2012 this initial plan for “Ecological Civilization” was put into effect as a comprehensive national strategy. This began a new era where economic growth was unacceptable if it came at the expense of the environment. In 2013 a “war” on pollution was declared, and China has continued to fight for cleaner air, soil, and water for all.

Giant leaps have come as a result such as a proliferation of opportunities for eco-tourism, greater protection for China’s endangered species such as the Giant Panda, and conservation or China’s delicate ecosystems. These developments make China a more hospitable environment for tourists than any time in the past half-century.

China Has The Most Phenomenal Cuisine in The World, and You can Eat Like a King on a Budget

China is particular suited to the most adventurous eaters as the Chinese make miracles out of ingredients that other cultures would not dare to try such as insects and reptiles. However, with careful consideration, even picky eaters can find something to enjoy on Chinese menus because the tourist areas have plenty of restaurants with menus in English and are geared toward Western palates.

Those travelers with a desire to stray from the well-worn path are generously rewarded with unforgettable meals and extra money in their wallets. Street food is the way to have your hand on the pulse of the changing Chinese cuisine scene and to save some serious cash.

A typical dinner in a Chinese restaurant will run you somewhere in the neighborhood of RMB 80 (about $13), where you can make a meal out of street fare for as little as RMB 5 (less than $0.50). Right now is the best time to enjoy cuisine that is thousands of years in the making for as little a couple of dollars.

Now is the best time to Learn in China

From Mandarin to Martial Arts there has never been a better time for those looking to add a new skill. The opportunities to learn how to cook the Chinese way and to study other aspects of Chinese culture are plentiful.

This article explores the five best places to learn Mandarin in China.

Not only are there opportunities to find affordable classes but for certain students, there is the opportunity to study for FREE!

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Now you have had a full explanation of some of the best reasons that China is the destination to visit in 2016. If there are aspects of travel to China that you would like to see addressed in future blogs, please let us know. We would be happy to have your input!

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