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6 Romantic Places For Couples To Visit In China

Traveling with your significant other is a great way to get to know each other better and share beautiful memories in foreign places. If you’re looking for the best romantic places to take the love of your life, then here are six beautiful spots in China to add to your list!

The Bund – Shanghai

The modern city of Shanghai is a fantastic place to start your China travels, and particularly the area on the water known as The Bund.

This lovely neighborhood holds the authentic feel of the 20’s and 30’s. A time when Shanghai was booming and jazz music wafted through the air.

shanghai skyline

Take in a show at the House of Blues and Jazz. Wander the streets and admire the art deco style buildings and neoclassical architecture. Don’t forget to buy your loved one a gift on Nanjing Road.

And stroll hand-in-hand along the lovely promenade at night to admire the twinkling lights of Shanghai’s other side across the water.


If you’re looking for natural beauty and outdoor adventures, Yangshuo is the place to be! Located in the province of the gorgeous province of Guangxi, near Guilin, this area features the tranquil Yulong River, lush bamboo forest, stark hills, and beautiful local culture reminiscent of another era.

This dreamy area is the perfect place to go for a lazy bamboo raft ride down the Li River. Take your bicycles out for a scenic ride between ancient villages, or get a sweet massage at the Banyan Tree Spa in Fuli village.


Hainan Island

This beautiful tropical island is a fantastic place for romantic walks on the beach, sun-soaked days, and luxurious nights.

The hip beachside town of Sanya sits lazily along the southern tip of Hainan and is the perfect place to relax on the golden sand beaches and be pampered in lovely resorts.

You can wander through beautiful tropical gardens, and visit ancient Buddhist temples. While much of the area is covered by luxury resorts, there are plenty of places to stay on a budget in Sanya as well.

Beach holiday


This exotic and beautiful area is known for dreamy, romantic scenery and conjures up ideas of mythical wonders. There is plenty to see and enjoy in this lovely area, and with the backdrop of the Himalayan mountains, you’ll feel as if you’ve entered a dream-world full of beauty and magic.

If you’re looking to see the lovely Tiger Leaping Gorge, swim in Napa Lake, or relax in the Xiagei Hot Springs, then Shangri-La is your ideal base camp.

Enjoy lovely spas, typical foods, and beautiful monasteries. Together they create a perfect blend of old world culture, modern variety, and natural beauty.

Visiting this area in the spring also allows you to see the wonderful grasslands filled with vibrant flowers, such as lilies and azaleas.

Tiger Leaping Gorge

Mount Huangshan

Located in the Anhui Province, this has been called the loveliest mountain in China and has been inspirational to all types of artists from China and around the world.

Granite peaks stand tall and proud, and the valleys below leave you in awe. Lush green forest covers this whole area, and thick mist and clouds hang in the air, presenting a beautiful, dramatic appeal.


Trails lead you through this beautiful national park, and along the way, you will see love locks linked to the chains that follow these trails.

Secure your own lock there with your partner and throw the key in the abyss of a valley below. It symbolizes your everlasting love.

Dali Ancient Town

This walled town in the province of Yunnan is surrounded by natural wonders and creates an authentic atmosphere of times gone by. Since it is less traveled by tourists, it maintains its ancient beauty and cultural richness.

Wander the charming cobble-stoned streets and alleys with your true love by your side, and take the opportunity to see a peek of the traditional lives led by the Bai people.

Erhai Lake is also a nearby attraction, and you can hike or bicycle to other local villages that offer vibrant markets and cozy tea houses where you can get cozy with your partner.


Traveling with the one you love is a way to make treasured memories that will stay with you both for the rest of your lives. You’ll draw closer with each new experience, and you’ll form a love that will last forever.

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