6 Of The Most Stunning Tea Houses in China

One of the first things that come to mind when I think of China is TEA! I may be biased since I love a good cup, but the tea culture in China is pretty well known and experiencing the entire ceremony is all part of soaking in the culture.

Sure, there are plenty of places to drink tea in China, but why not visit some of the country’s most stunning tea houses? Here are just a few to add to your itinerary on your next trip to China.

Huanhou Palace in Zigong


If you happen to be visiting Sichuan province, one of the most popular destinations in western China, Huanhou Palace is your spot for tea!

The teahouse is located inside a butcher’s guild from the 1800s and has quite an impressive stone entrance. Technically heading back outside, guests can enjoy a pot of tea while seated in the tree-filled courtyard, surrounded by wooden beams and stone carvings.

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It’s quite traditional as there are no outlets for people to plug in their laptops and phones. Instead, all of the guests are simply spending time with each other, playing Mahjong and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere.

Mid-lake Pavilion in Shanghai

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This teahouse is one of the most famous in the country, especially after being visited by Queen Elizabeth II and Bill Clinton. It was once a building located inside of Yuyuan Garden and was built back during the Qing Dynasty.

Now, the teahouse is a favorite spot for people to relax as they wander through Shanghai’s Old Town. In fact, it’s the city’s oldest teahouse and now offers a classy experience that allows guests to sample wonderful tea while nibbling on traditional, Chinese snacks.

The views of the bustling Old Town are perfect for people watching too.

Qiuping Tea House, Shanghai

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This teahouse has the atmosphere of a museum with the interesting artifacts to look at too. It gives visitors a look into what a traditional tea ceremony is all about through a combination of decorations and tea selections.

Another reason that this teahouse is so famous is due to its cuisine and meal pairings. In fact, it is the first teahouse in the country to primarily focus on incorporating tea into their cuisine.

The menu offers more than 100 dishes that use tea to put them over the top in flavor. If you want to taste unique, Chinese cuisine while learning about tea culture all at once, Qiuping is a must-visit.

Sentosa Tea House in Beijing


Getting a bit away from the tradition of Chinese tea, Sentosa still gets a place on this list for the unique and high-end experience that it offers. Guests here will have not only Chinese tea available to them but also coffee and specialty tea from other countries.

The restaurant portion of the teahouse also serves up a hearty helping of Chinese, Cantonese and international dishes too. It’s a bit on the pricey side, but it’s worth it for the unusual experience.

Wangye Teahouse in Zigong

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Another one from Sichuan province, Wangye also offers a world-class tea experience. Located next to the Fuxi River and situated inside a former temple that is more than 100 years old, Wangye provides quite the atmosphere.

During the height of the Zigong’s salt trade, the Wangye Teahouse was hugely popular for locals to come and relax while overlooking the river.

Visiting is not only a very good idea if you want to relax and enjoy some tea but also an excellent way to soak up some history since it’s connected to the Zigong Salt Museum.

Hu Pan Ju Teahouse in Hangzhou


While it isn’t as ancient as the other teahouses on the list, this one is the most well known in the renowned city of Hangzhou.

The reason why it’s such a hotspot? Location, location, location. Surrounded by the water of the famed, West Lake, this teahouse offers some pretty fantastic views.

The tea selection here is almost as good as the view as they offer flower teas from all over the globe and over 100 varieties that are officially certified by the China Tea Museum. Aside from the tea itself, there are plenty of snacks and even a buffet to accommodate hungry visitors.

And, there are options for private seating as well as seating that overlooks the water.

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