7 Strange Fast Food Items Found Around China

Fast food is all the rage in China these days. Different than in Western countries, going to a McDonald’s or KFC is actually more of a luxury instead of a cheap alternative. Not only is the dining style in these types of establishments is more sophisticated, there is also a slight difference when it comes to menu items. To accommodate the local flavours, the menus have evolved with some pretty strange items. If you are traveling around China and see some of these famed fast food joints, make sure to check out their unique menu items.

1) Dried Pork And Seaweed Donut: Dunkin Donuts

“America Runs on Dunkin,” is the famous saying from the commercial that depicts the love for this donut and coffee place. While donuts are found in places all over China, their take on them is slightly different. With an affection for savoury over sweet, many bakery items like donuts are adorned with meat floss or filling. A common flavour combination in China, the seaweed and dried pork donut make a much loved appearance at this fast food chain.


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2) Red Bean And Green Tea Frappucino: Starbucks

Despite being a country with a history built on tea, coffee is making a huge impact on the China of today. Cafes are popping up all over the place and it’s becoming increasingly trendy to meet up with friends in themed coffee shops. Starbucks has also made its way over to China and has become a big competitor in the café world. While many of the menu items have stayed the same as what’s featured in Western countries, China has added some of its own unique flair to the lineup. Sweet red beans are extremely popular and can be seen as a go-to flavour for all sorts of desserts and candies. Green tea is internationally known to be a favourite flavour in Asian countries and when mixed with red bean, it is a huge hit.

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Sweet red beans are extremely popular and can be seen as a go-to flavour for all sorts of desserts and candies. Green tea is internationally known to be a favourite flavour in Asian countries and when mixed with red bean, it is a huge hit.


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3) Cold Corn Cup: KFC

If you walk by a KFC in China, it’s quite likely that it will be packed with people. In China, KFC is a big deal and people love their food and not just the chicken. Corn kernels seem to pop up in a lot of things in China, but in this dish, they are the main event. This milky soup is typically served as a side and oddly, served up ice cold.


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4) Rice Congee: KFC

Chinese people love their rice congee. It is essentially a watery rice soup the Chinese typically eat for breakfast. Loaded with savory snacks like meat, soy sauce, pickled vegetables and egg, it’s definitely a filling option. While trying to offer tasty food on the go, it’s no surprise that KFC includes a rice congee on their menu. This one actually has the infamous Thousand Year Old Egg in it as well, making it extra potent.


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5) Taro Pie: McDonald’s

Taro is an extremely popular flavour in China and pretty unmistakable with its vibrant purple colouring. It’s a root vegetable that resembles a sweet potato, but it’s quite large and can be difficult to peel. It’s flavour makes it perfect for sweet dishes and desserts which is why it’s featured as a top flavour for McDonald’s fruit pies. The fillings of this pie are just as purple as you would expect from Taro making it look just as strange as it sounds.


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6) Shrimp Burger: KFC

KFC comes in again with its shrimp burger. A lot of people in China love seafood and this burger combines that in the perfect fast food burger. The patty is deep fried and reveals pieces of shrimp spread throughout. It’s pretty much the best of both worlds for hungry patrons who want a bit of seafood in their sandwich.


Source: Telegraph

7) Beefsteak Pizza: Pizza Hut

Dining at a Pizza Hut in China is something similar to a fine dining experience. In fact, many of the restaurants have high end décor, servers and high prices attached to the pizzas. Along with the strange experience offered in the dining room, the actual food choices are quite elaborate and strange. One option is the Beefsteak pizza ,which features large cut portions of a steak-like meat with an oddity of spices.


Source: Yoyochinese

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