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Amazing Trails for the Adventurous Spirit

A true adventurer is one who is willing to go beyond the norm, someone who will see excitement and thrills in places where your average tourist might just not be willing to go.

Hiking is a great way to truly explore the natural beauty of an area and get to know it inside and out.

China has no lack of places to go for a great hike, and so we’ve arranged some of the best places (some easier, some harder) for you to take your hiking shoes and get into the great outdoors!

The Yellow Mountains

This beautiful and mystical area is known for its amazing sunrises. The scenery is fanciful, including strangely shaped pine trees and rocks, and a mysterious sea of misty clouds.

Exploring this area will delight and baffle you with its strange and charming landscapes. The sharp drops tumbling into chasms below make for interesting surroundings.

If you wish, you can walk around the bases of the different peaks, or try your luck at climbing up the stairs that have been hewn from the rock.

yellow mountains

Also in this area, there are many native villages that can be an interesting destination for your exploration tour.

Difficulty: Strenuous

Siguniang Mountain

Located in the center of Sichuan, this beautiful mountain is known as the Alps of China due to its thoroughly European feel.

The mountain’s name actually means Four Sisters Mountain and has four peaks for each sister. If you’re looking for an average hike, then Da Feng is the way to go, as the other peaks will require you to have certain climbing skills.

That being said, the hike to Da Feng is still not the easiest as the elevation is nearly 4000 meters (13,000 feet).


While on this trail, you will be able to enjoy lush pasturage and watch the herds of yaks as they wander. The landscape and area will make you feel at ease and let you relax.

Difficulty: Moderate

Mount Kailash

We find our next hiking route nestled deep in the Himalayan Mountains, an incredible range that includes Mt. Everest.

If you’re not quite up the task of tackling the highest mountain in the world, then Mount Kailash is a great alternative.

This very sacred area is actually a place of pilgrimage for Hindus, Buddhists, and Bon religion followers.

Thus you will not be alone on this journey. Interestingly, those who come here are not just from Tibet or the surrounding area; pilgrims come from India, Japan and beyond!

Meeting these humble people is inspiring and creates a fantastic atmosphere along the walk.

The route is the called the kora, and it runs in a circle around the base of the sacred mountain.

While this may seem like a rather easy job, the kora is 32 miles (52 kilometers) long and starts at 15,000 feet (4600 meters).

This is no easy walk. Besides this, the peak of the kora includes a pass that is at 18,000 feet (5600 meters)!


While most of the pilgrims will accomplish this task in one day, the average foreign hiker may take two or three.

You will walk past beautiful valleys, an incredible clear-blue lake, grassy meadows and a restored monastery.

There are campsites along the way where you can stop for the night and continue your journey the next day.

Difficulty: Very Difficult

The Great Wall

No hiking guide in China would be complete without mention of the Great Wall. The main surviving part of this incredible feat of hundreds of years of work spans 8,800 kilometers (5,400 miles).

Great Wall

Although foreigners are mainly familiar with the parts of the wall that have been restored, mostly near Beijing, the majority of the wall lies lonely and crumbling after so many years of disuse.

It is still a stunning sight to behold in real life, winding through the mountains with its watchtowers standing tall.

If you’re going to hike a section of the wall there are different places to start, such as the Beijing area or the fortress Shanhaiguan, or you can travel to some of the lesser known areas, such as Datong.

Bring some good shoes and watch your step on the crumbling stairs! Enjoy this incredible piece of history that still lives today.

Difficulty: Varying

Hiking in China is an incredible and rewarding experience for so many reasons. So get your hiking boots on and get trekking!

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