Animal Sanctuaries In China That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Animal sanctuaries help us bring to light of the incredible horrors that are done to animals. Any caring person will want to these heartless crimes against our furry friends to be stopped immediately!

In fact, now in China, there are many places that are taking the safety of these animals into their own hands and helping these lovely creatures back to health and happiness, or providing them a place to live free of disturbance and human interference.

Check out some of these fantastic animal sanctuaries around China and have your faith in humanity restored!

China Moon Bear Sanctuary in Chengdu

As part of Animal Asia, this sanctuary was in fact, the only one of this type in the world when it was first created.

In an attempt to save bears from bile farming, they have rescued hundreds of bears that were treated in inhumane and cruel ways. When they arrive at the sanctuary, they were missing limbs, missing teeth, and may have had deformities caused by life in cages that are hardly bigger than themselves.

They also commonly have tumors, infections, and heart or liver disease.


However, because of the love and attention that they receive at the bear sanctuary, these pitiful creatures are nursed back to health and given a happy place to call home that is secure and are provided with some natural surroundings.

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At the moment, 140 happy, snuggly bears call this place their home and they live and play here together with their other bear friends.

The sanctuary allows for visitors by reservation only twice a month, and priority is given to those who donate to Animals Asia and thus help keep this beautiful center running.

Xishuangbanna Nature Reserve in Yunnan Province

This vast and beautiful nature park was originally founded in 1958 as a place where unique plants and animals could live and grow in peace, without the worry of being overrun by the human population.

It stretches for over 200,000 hectares and is a beautiful, rainforest-like environment that really connects you with nature. Its beautiful blue waters contrasted by the bright green of the plants and trees around give a fantastic view.


Inside this nature preserve, over 1000 different species of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish wander, grow, and thrive. Over 25% of the total species of land animals that exist in China can be found in this park.  It is truly an incredible place.

Included in the list of animals you can find here are elephants, tigers, gibbons, and some lovely birds such as hornbills and peacocks.

This park is open to visits throughout the year and is a beautiful place to see in person.

Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding

With the Giant Panda population slowly dwindling (now there are less than 2000 in the world), efforts were made to rescue and protect this endangered species.

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In 1987 this research center was created, and the work began to rescue and raise pandas in an effort to save the giant pandas from extinction. The ultimate goal is to bring the population of the giant panda back to a safe number and thus begin to help the pandas adapt to and eventually exist solely in the wild, where they belong.


For now, the pandas live happily in an environment that is filled with rivers, bamboo forests, caves and more features that help to give the illusion of the natural environment of the giant panda. Because of the efforts to protect the giant pandas, they are now no longer endangered but vulnerable on the global list of species at risk of extinction.

When visiting here, you will also get to see other endangered animals, such as red pandas, peacocks, swans and more. Visitors are encouraged to respect the natural environment of the pandas as they observe them. It is a truly unique and beautiful experience, visiting these lovable and adorable creatures up close. (Want to get a taste?  Check this website and see the pandas on a live feed!)

How Can You Take Full Advantage of the Wonders of China?

Exploring these beautiful and inspiring locations in China is something that will touch your heart.  However, these are only a few of the incredible reserves and conservation efforts that are being made in China.  After visiting one, it is very likely you will not want to leave the country until you’ve seen them all.

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