Hong Kong Disneyland Park

Located on Lantau Island, the Hong Kong Disneyland is one of the most popular Disneyland theme parks in Asia. Originally opened in 2005, the park has since seen over 64 million guests come to enjoy the magic of Disney.

Whether you are traveling on your own or bringing the family along, there’s something for everyone here. It still has that magical Disney feeling, along with a lot of choice and select restaurants and places to eat.

Moreover, with more local competition now coming Disneyland Shanghai, keep your eyes open for any new developments as, whilst they’re still somewhat hush hush about it, it sounds like Hong Kong Disneyland is in the process of making their park even more magical.

hong kong disneyland

Interesting Facts About Hong Kong Disneyland

-The iconic Disney Castle in Hong Kong Disneyland is the only Disney castle in the world to feature an actual real mountain behind it.

-There are 3 main languages at the Hong Kong Disneyland, which the staff use to guide people: English, Mandarin, and Cantonese.

-The first Marvel Disneyland ride opened at the Hong Kong Disneyland. It is called The Iron Man Experience.

-The most popular attraction at Hong Kong Disneyland is the Slinky Dog Spin, ridden by millions of guests each year.

-There are over 200 different species of trees and more than 400 different types of shrubs located in the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, making it one of the most florally diverse parks under the Disney name.

hong kong disneyland

The History Of Hong Kong Disneyland

Before Disneyland came to Hong Kong, the area in which it is currently located was known as Penny’s Bay. Previously home to a shipyard known as the Cheoy Lee Shipyard, it took several months for the area to be filled in and made into an area suitable for building on.

Construction then began in 2003, when over 400 guests celebrated the ‘groundbreaking day’ of the new construction project. In one of the fastest Disneyland constructions projects to have ever existed, the park was up and operational by September 2005. In order for the Hong Kong Disneyland to successfully flourish, the Shanghai Disneyland’s development was stunted, and the Hong Kong Disneyland did flourish.

To date, over 64 million guests have attended the theme park and ridden on its attractions. In 2016, that figure was 6.1 million. In recent years, the Hong Kong Disneyland has seen a downturn in annual guests. This is likely due to the amount of competition from competing theme parks and the newly opened Shanghai Disney resort in mainland China. However, if you’re looking for a real and authentic Disneyland, then the Hong Kong Disneyland is still the place to go.

The Culture Of Hong Kong Disneyland

Main Street, U.S.A.
One of the park’s most iconic areas, this section takes guests back to 20th century America. Make sure to stop at the Main Street Market for some great food, and visit the Animation Academy and The Magic of Disney Animation attraction, for a look at Disney’s history.

Adventureland is another of the park’s big areas for you to explore. There is also a theatre here which features the Festival of the Lion King. If you want to try something a little more relaxed, then the Jungle River Cruise is a great experience for the whole family, whilst Tarzan’s Treehouse is a brilliant place to let any young ones go wild for a bit.

Toy Story Land
Based on the movie of the same name, Toy Story Land is one of the best areas in the park for practically everything. It’s home to the park’s most popular ride: the Slinky Dog Spin, and several nice restaurants, including Jessie’s Snack Roundup.

Mystic Point
Added to the park in 2013, Mystic Point is an area of magic and spookiness. It is modeled after a tropic wilderness and aims to draw you in for a spooky ride. It’s become one of the park’s most popular areas in recent years – especially due to the Mystic Manor.

Mystic Manor
The most popular ride for children, this thrill seeker journey is often the busiest ride in the park, with kids and adults wanting a go at it. If you happen to have brought some little ones along with you, make sure to get this ride out of the way quickly or try to avoid it. It might be fun for them to small frights from the masters inside, but queuing won’t be.

The park’s Science Fiction area, equipped with rides and attractions from the future. Whilst here, try heading to the Starliner Diner for some good quality food, or the BB-8 Snack Cart for some tasty snacks. Some of the best rides here include the Iron Man Experience, Jedi Training, Trails of the Temple, and Space Mountain (also known as Hyperspace Mountain).

Space Mountain
The iconic thrill ride for any Disneyland visitor. Space Mountain is an indoor roller coaster which whips you around at breakneck speeds and leaves you thrilled and satisfied. If you’ve ever had a hankering for roller coasters, Space Mountain is your best choice.

Iron Man Experience
Disney’s first truly Marvel experience, in this ride guests become Iron Man and fight off aliens in order to defend the Earth. Using a 3-D motion simulator, you’ll be thrust into the action as though you were actually there.


Tips For Visiting Hong Kong Disneyland

-An adult ticket to the park is HK $589 (US $75), a child’s ticket is HK $419 (US $53).
-Hong Kong Disneyland’s most popular (and packed) ride is the Slinky Dog Spin, make sure to ride it as soon as possible or get your fast pass quickly. Otherwise, you’ll spend hours queuing.
-Show up at opening time for the fullest experience. Even then you might not be able to get everything finished.
-Make sure to use Fast pass tickets whilst you’re in the park. They are there for a reason and let you skip queues.
-There are many guides out there for trying to get the most out of your Disneyland experience, including the best way to use your fast pass tickets for maximizing efficiency.

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