Huanglong National Park

This park, located in Sichuan Provence, has a well-deserved spot on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

It’s often referred to as, “Fairy Land on Earth,” and “World Wonder.” These names attempt to describe the landscape which is characterized by snow capped mountains and shining lakes.

The valley is the focal point of Huanglong National Park, but the mountains, forest, and glaciers frame it well.

This magical landscape is considered one of China’s Historic Interest Areas, and it is visited by thousands of tourists each year.

Planning on visiting Huanglong National Park? Here’s what you need to know.


Facts About Huanglong National Park

-It’s located in the southern area of the Minshan mountain range.

-The colorful pools here were formed by calcium deposits.

-There are many endangered species living here, including the giant panda and snub-nosed monkey.

-It became a World Heritage Site in 1992.

-It covers an area of 1830 kilometers.

-The altitude here is between 1700m and 5588m.The length of Huanglong Valley is 3.6 kilometers.


History Of Huanglong National Park

-The main scenic area of the park resembles a dragon according to Chinese citizens.

-This has inspired many locals to worship the area and its natural attractions over the years.

-In 1982, the area became known as a national key scenic destination, and was approved by the State Council of the People’s Republic of China.

-It was in 1992 that Huanglong was listed as a World UNESCO Heritage Site.

-In 1997, the area was listed as the world’s biosphere and man reserve by the United Nations.

-In 2001, the park received the ‘Green Globe 21’ certificate, making it a world-class scenic area.

Huanglong National Park, China

Culture of Huanglong National Park

The park has been a top attraction for nature lovers for decades. It is filled with different sites and features.

While visiting, make sure to check out:

-Flying Waterfall: This layered slope makes the waterfall appear to be flying. The streams jut out of the forest, forming ladder waterfalls amongst the layers. When it’s sunny, the water reflects beautiful colors.

-Welcome Pool: This is the first attraction that visitors see when entering the park. It is made up of 350 small ponds that all take on different shapes. The upper ponds flow into the lower ones, making a soft, murmuring sound, and offering a beautiful view.

-Lotus Waterfall: Shaped like a lotus, this yellow slope is accompanied by a 167 meter long waterfall.

-Jin Sha Pu Di: This is the most colorful, functional, and longest travertine landform on earth. It’s 1,300 meters long and 40-122 meters wide. It resembles a yellow dragon from afar.

-Lianyan Lake: It’s located at 3, 251 meters in altitude. As the only lake in Huanglong, it covers more than 2,000 square meters.

-Rhododendron Forest: The cool climate makes this park the perfect climate for rhododendron growth. Visitors can look out at vast forests of them, made up of various species. They bloom from March to June, so this is the best time to see them.

-Bonsai Pool: This pool is made up of more than 300 small ponds. It’s located at 3,320 meters above sea level. The connecting rhizome trees are what give each pond its shape. The bottom of each pond is made up of travertine of different colors which make the area stunningly beautiful. Between the trees, flowers, and pools, the area looks like a bonsai.

-Rhododendron Pool: This pool is made up of more than 400 ponds. Patches of colorful rhododendrons surround the pools which make it quite the site when they are in bloom.

-Zhengyan Pool: This pool is the second most colorful in the park. It is made up of 658 tiny ponds. It’s famous because of the unique shape of each pond and the colors they exude once the light shines on them.

-Huanglong Back Temple: It’s more than 600 years old and is one of the most beautiful Taoist temples in the area. The pool in the back of the temple is a favorite feature for visitors.

-Huanglong Middle Temple: Surrounded by wild forest, this temple is a beautiful example of Ming Dynasty architecture.

-Five-color Pool: This is the highest pool in the park. It can be found at 3,576 meters in altitude. There are close to 700 ponds here which are arranged in colorful terraces.

-Munigou Valley: Located a short distance from Huanglong National Park, this valley offers even more beauty in the area. Visitors can experience hot springs, waterfalls, flower beds, lakes and stalactites.

-Mount Xuebaoding: This is the main peak of Minshan Mountain. It’s covered in snow no matter what time of year it is and the landscape is full of rugged mountain peaks, lakes, and gullies.

-Danyun Gorge: This is one of the five great attractions in the Huangdong area. It’s a paradise of colorful plants and flowers, especially in the summer.

-Huanglong Temple Fair: Legend has it that June 15th is the day that Huanglong gained Immortality. Now, the Huanglong Temple Fair is held each year on this day. Visitors can see festival goers in elaborate costumes, as well as Tibetan compatriots who join the celebration.


Tips For Visiting Huanglong National Park

-Visit during summer or autumn for the best weather and most beautiful scenery.

-Prepare for three to five hours of touring the area.

-If you come during off season, you can get a discounted price on admission.

-Wear comfortable shoes because the walking route is the only trail into the valley.

-Avoid coming during winter because the Huanglong Valley is usually closed for maintenance.

-Be prepared for the high altitude by drinking plenty of water and taking things slow.

-Book accommodation nearby so that you can spend multiple days exploring the area.

-If visiting in summer, make sure to bring sun block and a hat since much of the area is open.

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