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Theme park lovers come from all over the world to visit Hong Kong’s Ocean Park. This destination is considered an animal theme park, oceanarium, marine mammal park, and amusement park. With all of these titles, you’ll definitely need a whole day to explore. Guests are endlessly entertained but also will learn about environmental advocacy and conservation. The park brings amusement, science, and environmentalism together, making it one of Hong Kong’s largest and most-loved theme parks. If you’re visiting Hong Kong, here’s everything you need to know about Ocean Park.

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Interesting Facts About Ocean Park

- The theme park can be found in the southern district of Hong Kong.

- It was opened by the governor of Hong Kong in 1977.

- It was once competing with Hong Kong Disneyland and was unprofitable because of that.

- More than five billion dollars were put into the park to revitalize it.

- The park receives more than seven million visitors a year.

- In 2014, Ocean Park was the 13th most visited theme park in the world.

- In 2014, it was considered Asia’s largest theme park.

- The park is separated into two areas, The Waterfront and The Summit.

- Guests can get around the park using the cable cars or the railway system.

- Ocean Park is home to Hong Kong’s second longest outdoor escalator.

- The park features various animal exhibits with different themes.

- Ocean Park has the largest aquarium dome in the world. And, it was built by the famous, Frank Gehry.

- Asia’s largest Halloween celebration takes place in Ocean Park.

- The aquarium has more than 5,000 fish that are made up of over 400 species.

- The rainforest section of the park has more than 70 animal species.

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The History Of Ocean Park

This amusement park was opened in 1977 by the governor at the time, Sir Murray Maclehose. The Hong Kong government handed over the park land for free, and it was built by the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

Originally, $150 million went into building Ocean Park. In 1987, the park became independent of the Jockey Club and remains on its own financially.

The park was one of the top visited in Hong Kong and Asia until Disneyland was built in 2005. Disney posed as major competition which prompted officials to revitalize Ocean Park with new features and structures.

This took the attraction count from 35 to more than 80. The new additions included a children’s harbor, waterfront, and a floorless roller coaster that ran at 88 kilometers per hour.

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Culture Of Ocean Park

The culture of this park is surrounded by entertainment and animal advocacy. If you’re visiting, here are some of the top things to check out.

Thrill Mountain: This area of the park is carnival-themed. Guests can get food, beverages, and merchandise here. There are also booth games and about five rides. Visitors will find the Whirly Bird chair swing ride, Bumper Blaster bumper cars, the Bungee Trampoline, and the Hair Raiser roller coaster.

Marine World: Guests will find the Pacific Pier which was modeled after the rocky seal habitat on the Northern California coast. There’s a sea jelly exhibit, the Chinese Sturgeon Aquarium, The Dragon roller coaster, a ferris wheel, The Abyss turbo drop ride, and much more.

Adventure Land: This part of the park is home to the mine train roller coaster and the Raging River log flume ride.

The Rainforest: Guests roaming around the rainforest will find plenty of birds, mammals, and aquatic life. This area is home to the family river rapids ride, the Rainforest Why Zone where trainers teach visitors about the animals. And, The Exhibition Trail which allows guests to walk through rainforest exhibits and meet animals.

Polar Adventure: This part of the park features adventures in the north pole, south pole and the arctic. Animals here include arctic foxes, penguins, snowy owls, seals, sea lions, and walruses. The area includes the Arctic Blast roller coaster, an arctic fox den, and the chance to meet the other animals who live here.

Aqua City: This is where you’ll find the Grand Aquarium which houses over 5,000 fish. Guests can interact with some of the animals and eat lunch at the on-site restaurant. The city also features the largest carousel in Hong Kong, and Old Hong Kong, which is a replica town that looks like the city from the past. There’s also Waterfront Plaza which features carnival games, shows, and events.

Whiskers Harbor: This area of the park is all about the kids. They have a game zone, an animal story time, bouncy house, merry-go-round, and a balloon themed Ferris wheel.

Amazing Asian Animals: This area of the park is the place to be if you want to learn more about Asian mammals. There’s the Gator Marsh which is a representation of a marshland, and the panda center which shows off one of Asia’s most beloved animals. There are elaborate gardens and the chance to learn all about Chinese goldfish.

The Shows: The park puts on several shows that guests seem to love. Check out the Emperors Of The Sky show which features more than 70 species of birds in a large, bird-friendly theater. The Ocean Theater puts on the Sea Dreams show which features large aquatic animals and the tricks they can do. The Symbio! show is an evening performance that features a 360 degree water screen, fireworks, sound effects, and lighting. It tells the story of the interaction between humans and two dragons.

Tips For Visiting Ocean Park

- Visit the park on off-peak days. Since the crowd mostly consists of mainland China visitors, you can get into the park during weekdays when it won’t be as crowded. It’s a great way to skip the lines.

- Get there before 10 am if you want the best access to the park. This will help you beat the tour buses and the crowds.

- Book tickets online if you want a discount and to help avoid the ticket line.

- The easiest way to travel from Hong Kong to the park is by the MTR.

- You can download the Ocean Park app for iPhone and Android, which will help you find your way around the park, see show schedules, and check wait lines for attractions.

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