Repulse Bay

Even though it is primarily an upmarket suburban area, the Repulse Bay has a relaxed resort-like feel to it. This is due to its great, wide, wave-lapped beach that has become for locals and visitors who soak in the sun, watch the sunset or take strolls early in the morning. With its crescent shape, it is one of the popular beaches in the city which is ironic because of its name.

After visiting and experiencing other sites in Hong Kong head to Repulse Bay and enjoy the beach, the architecture (traditional and modern), gardens, shops and more so the great cuisine in the numerous restaurants within the area. It is a great place to visit on your own, with family or friends for a fun day at the beach as well as great scenery.

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Interesting facts

- Details about how its English name came to be are very obscure.
- Commander Edward Belcher an admiral in the Royal Navy originally named it Chonghom Bay.
- The Repulse Bay Hotel attracted some of the most powerful and famous personalities in the society. For instance, Spain’s crown prince Juan Carlos spent a part of his honeymoon here, while actors such as Marlon Brando and other celebrities have also frequented this bay.
- It was a tactical site in WWII during the battle for Hong Kong.

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The Culture Of Repulse Bay

Beaches: This is obviously the main attraction in the bay where you can bask in the sun, play, and build sand castles. You can take a dip in the clear waters of the ocean during the day and take long walks in the morning or evening to experience the sunrise or sunset in a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere.

I recommend taking a walk from deep water to Repulse Bay alone or with company. It will be a view to behold.

Architecture: In addition to the numerous architectural styles of the modern buildings, there are also other historical structures here. For instance, there are a few shrines paying respect to different deities. While the pulse may be the newest and bigger architectural attraction, you could also spare time to visit some of these shrines and learn more about the culture. A peculiar thing about some of these structures is the distinct holes/gaps in the middle of the buildings.

The road leading to the bay offers the best view of the different styles on display. Don’t miss out the walking promenade leading to the shrine and finally the longevity bridge that is believed to add three days to your life when you cross it. At the south end of the bay is the Zhenhai Tower Park, an old-style Chinese garden. It houses the shrine of China’s two most beloved deities, Tin Hua and Kwun Yam, the goddess of mercy. They are surrounded by other many folk gods which you may rub their bellies for good fortune and finally the love gods.

Restaurants: When you are done having fun at the beach, visit the Pulse. This is a new development close to the beach where you can indulge in fun activities like shopping, eating and massages. Offering a wide variety of cuisine, the restaurants in the area are great, and you can choose whichever you prefer. I will, however, name some notable ones that I think you should try.

Spice is one of the oldest ones in the area and is built on the remains of the demolished Repulse Bay Hotel. It offers great views of the bay as you enjoy classic Asian cuisine at very reasonable prices. Others include hotshot, classified and Meen & Rice that offer great American and Chinese comfort food. There is also the Limewood and Shoku that served a wide range of seafood; and the Verandah and the Coffee Academics for some great tea and coffee.

Shopping: There are numerous shops and boutiques all around the Bay that will keep you occupied as you browse through the extensive collection on display. Buy your fancy beachwear or sportswear at these boutiques, as well as art, and even memorabilia to take home.

Art: In addition to the statues and the architecture leading to the bridge, is the Repulse Bay Historical Gallery. It preserves the legacy of the bay where you will get to explore the unique history of the bay through a series of exhibits, images, and artifacts.

Other activities: In addition to the numerous shops and restaurants the Bay, there are other fun activities like events held on the rooftop of the Pulse. These events will allow you to see the amazing ocean view from the top. There are also water carnivals with activities like water soccer, water slides, pop-up stalls, and music as well as hot-tub cinemas.


- Ensure to carry enough cash as in order to enjoy the full experience.
- Ensure not to litter by using the litter bins available and maintain the beach’s cleanness.
- Arrive early as it can get crowded at times especially during the weekends and holidays.
- Remember to carry a camera to document this visit.

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