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As the second tallest building in Shanghai, the Shanghai World Financial Center is the perfect place to visit when you’re in the city and looking to see everything in as short a time as possible. Whilst it may not be as tall as the nearby Shanghai Tower, its viewing platform is more the adequate for those looking to find the thrill of heights unexplored.

Besides just a series of viewing platforms, the Shanghai World Financial Center is packed with other things for you to see, do, and eat. Make sure to check out the cocktail lounge at the Park Hyatt on the 87th floor, known for its impressive views during the evening – great for sharing with a drink.

Interesting Facts About The Shanghai World Financial Center

-The Tower measures a total height of 492 meters at its highest point and features 101 separate floors, making the Shanghai World Financial Center the second tallest building in Shanghai, and currently number 6 on the list of tallest buildings in Asia. Because of this, it is officially known as a supertall skyscraper.

-Combined with the Jin Mao Tower and the Shanghai Tower, these three buildings form one of the highest concentrations of supertall skyscrapers in the world.

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-Located just a short distance from the Pudong River, you can easily visit all three and their observation decks in just one afternoon. The elevators in the Shanghai World Financial Center are the fastest in the world, moving at an impressive speed of 10 meters per second. They can travel between the first floor and the 95th in just one minute.

-Due to the tower’s unique shape and dimensions, it has been given the nickname “the bottle opener”. The similarities are there.

shanghai world financial

The History Of The Shanghai World Financial Center

The original construction plan has the Shanghai World Financial Center scheduled for construction in 1997. However, due to the Asian Financial Crisis, only the tower’s foundation stone was set during this year. It wasn’t until 2003 that construction resumed and the tower made its way towards completion. It was also during this time that the original plans for a 460-meter-tall building were scrapped in favour of the higher 490-meter-tall building which stands there today.

In 2008, construction completed and the tower was opened. Having 101 floors, various businesses and enterprises entered the building and set up shop. At this time, it was the tallest building in China, right up until the Shanghai Tower officially finished construction in 2015 at just over 140 meters taller. Luckily, the building’s unique shape and design already set it apart from other buildings in the city, and it still, to this day, is one of the most visited sightseeing towers in Shanghai.

The tower itself is owned by many different international companies, with Morgan Stanley having coordinated the investment plan. Despite being located in China, companies from China, Japan, the US, and Europe, were also involved in the financing of the building.


The Culture Of The Shanghai World Financial Center

The Top Observation Deck: Located on the 100th floor, the observation deck is one of the highest in Shanghai, even taller than the nearby Oriental Pearl Tower. At over 470 meters above ground level, the views of the city from here are awe-inspiring. This is especially true at night when the sun has gone down and the lights of Shanghai come out. As the top observation deck, you’ll be greeted by a 55-meter long skywalk complete with a glass roof. It will make you feel as though you’re walking on clouds.

The 97th Floor: Another observation deck open to the public. Heading here is a little bit cheaper than going all the way to the top, plus you get pretty much the same view. This viewing platform also happens to be the highest open-air viewing platform in the world. That means that you can take in the impressive Shanghai sights, whilst feeling the wind against your face. Make sure to bring something warm to wrap up in though, just in case.

The 94th Floor: The lowest of the Observation decks, the 94th floor is the largest and most comfortable of the observation decks. There is a lounge here for relaxing, along with refreshments. There are also sometimes events and exhibitions which take place on this floor, so even if you decide to opt for the more expensive 100th-floor observation deck, make sure to check and see what’s happening here.

The Park Hyatt Hotel Lobby: Another area of the hotel which is perfect for seeing the city. The Park Hyatt Hotel Lobby sits on the 87th floor and comes complete with a nice cocktail bar for enjoying a drink whilst gazing over the wonder of the city.

The 100 Century Avenue Restaurant: Located on the 97th floor, this restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy a high-quality meal whilst taking in the sights. Whilst the Park Hyatt’s 87th-floor cocktail bar is impressive, this 97th-floor eatery will surprise even the hardest people to impress. Moreover, the restaurant itself is known for producing some of the finest cuisine in Shanghai.


Tips For Visiting The Shanghai World Financial Center

- Make sure to check the weather before you visit. A good day will make the Shanghai World Financial Center seem incredible, a bad weather day will make you wonder what the fuss is about.

-In order to visit all three viewing platforms, you’ll need to pay a total of 180 CNY.

-The nearest metro stations are either Dongchang Road Station (exit 4) or Lu Jiazui (exit 6).

-The night views from the viewing platforms are incredible and highly recommended. Try to time your arrival at the tower at around dusk. This way you’ll be able to see the sun go down and the lights of Shanghai begin.

-The 100th-floor observation deck is usually very busy, so expect wait times of around 1 hour or longer. You can also visit the 91st floor for free and look out over the city if you don’t want to wait.

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