Tiger Hill

Originally built as the burial location for one of China’s ancient kings, it has gradually come to be known as more than that. Find out what Tiger Hill has to offer, including tranquility, natural beauty, and a cup of tea.

Interesting Facts About Tiger Hill

-The area is known as Tiger Hill due to it being believed that a White Tiger was spotted here after the death of one of China’s most famous kings: He Lu.

-Tiger Hill has a history of 2,500 years, dating back to the time of the Wu Kingdom: a small, but important part of China’s history.

-There is a saying about Tiger Hill in China: “it would be a pity if you go to Suzhou but don’t visit Tiger Hill”. Ask your Tour Guide!

-Tiger Hill is located 5 km away from Suzhou City and to the north.

-Tiger Hill was once the most popular place in Southern China for people to come and show each other popular flowers such as Belgium rhododendrons, lilies, peonies, and tulips.

The History of Tiger Hill

Tiger Hill, whilst as a location has always stood where it is, came to prominence in around 700 BC when the King of the Wu dynasty – He Lu – died and was buried here. It was said that after he died, the local people spotted a white tiger.

That white tiger was believed to have arrived in order to protect the king’s grave. Since that time, the area has come to be known as one of China’s most beautiful, being dubbed with names like “the jewel of the Wu” and more.

At one point in its history, Tiger Hill was actually known as a meeting spot for those looking to share their flowers with others. This was not a farmer’s market but rather done for artistic purposes. Many of those who would arrive were themselves, artists.

Despite being a small area, Tiger Hill today is one of China’s most beautiful garden areas. With several different gardens connected to one another and one of China’s oldest Pagodas, Tiger hill has opened itself up as a reason to visit Suzhou and a truly magnificent place for capturing beauty.

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