Victoria Peak

The most beautiful view of Hong Kong is had atop Victoria Peak. It’s the tallest mountain on the island and one of Hong Kong’s top tourist attractions.

The view during the day is skyscrapers, sailboats, and the surrounding islands. Plus, visitors can gaze out over the stunning Victoria Harbor.

At night, the scene completely changes but is just as mesmerizing.
This is when the glitz and glam of Hong Kong really shows itself. You’ll see the skyline alight and reflections on the water that make the city look twice as bright.

If you’re planning on visiting Victoria Peak, here’s what you need to know.

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Victoria Peak Facts

-It’s often referred to as ‘The Peak’ by locals.

-Many people refer to the peak as ‘Mount Austin.’

-It is 552 meters in elevation.

-Victoria Peak is the tallest mountain in Hong Kong.

-The summit is closed to the public because it is occupied by a facility dedicated to radio telecommunications.

-The Peak is home to various bird species, including the Black Kite.

-This attraction receives around seven million visitors per year.

-The properties located at the top of The Peak are some of the most expensive in the entire world.

-Some of the most rich people in Hong Kong live in the houses here.

-Visitors can reach the peak by taking the tram, a bus, or hiking the walking trails.

History Of Victoria Peak

It was during the 19th century that The Peak started to attract visitors. They came from Europe and were drawn there by the incredible views.

Since Hong Kong  typically has a sub-tropic climate, visitors flocked to the peak because the air was cooler.

In 1868, the sixth governor of Hong Kong, Sir Richard MacDonnell, decided to build a summer house on the peak.

Other residents lived here as well, even though it was a tad difficult to climb.

However, in 1888, the Peak Tram was built and residents began to use it to get home every day.

Once the tram was opened, more people wanted to move to the area. This created high demand. Between 1904 and 1930, the peak was designated as a residential area exclusively for non-Chinese citizens.

Today, only the most wealthy people can afford to live here. But, visitors and locals have access to the views and attractions regardless.

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Culture Of Victoria Peak

The culture of Victoria Peak started with beauty and transformed around wealth.

Now, it is a symbol for both in Hong Kong.

Over the years, the tourist area has been developed to include entertainment, restaurants, and shopping for visitors.

So, if you plan on visiting Victoria Peak, here’s what you can do there:

-Take The Tram: It’s not the only way to get to the top of the peak, but it’s definitely the most popular. The ride is similar to an amusement park as you’ll experience the thrill of being at an extreme angle. As you head to the top, you’ll pass by skyscrapers at angles that would otherwise seem impossible. Plus, you won’t have to exert energy climbing to the top.

-The Peak Tower: You can’t miss it as the building is shaped like a giant wok. It was built by Terry Farrell, an architect from England. It stands at 396 meters above sea level and is an icon in Hong Kong. It’s full of restaurants and shops, and grazes the front of postcards sold all over the country. Even if you don’t want to shop, getting a glimpse of this building is a must.

-The Sky Terrace 428: Located inside The Peak Tower, this viewing platform offers some of the most superb views in the city. It has a 360 degree viewing platform and is 428 meters above sea level.

-The Peak Restaurants: There are four signature restaurants within The Peak Tower. Options include Dim Sum, Japanese, American, coffee, and dessert.

-Shopping: There are a handful of shopping opportunities inside The Peak Tower. Check out The Peak Market for Chinese artwork, collectibles, and silk. There are other boutiques that offer Chinese products, jewelry, gadgets, collectibles, and antiques.

-Entertainment: Visitors to the peak can also experience the entertainment options. There is a Madame Tussauds and Madness 3D Adventure.

-Victoria Peak Garden: It’s located at Mountain Lodge, which used to be the summer residence of the former governor. Visitors can find garden paths, open green lawns, and Victorian style garden fittings.

-The Peak Circuit Trail: This is one of the most popular walking trails on Victoria Peak. For this walk, you’ll start at The Peak Tower and follow along Lugard Road. It’s pedestrian only, narrow, and party covered in sub-tropical forest. The rest of the trail is open so that you can enjoy the epic view. Once Lugard Road ends, the trail continues on Harlech Road. This road offers views of Pok Fu Lam Valley. You’ll cross over a ravine using a bridge and will have sightings of a waterfall. Eventually, it will loop back around to The Peak Tower. You can continue on to the Pok Fu Lam Country Park Trail.

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Tips For Visiting Victoria Peak

-If visiting during the day, make sure to pack sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses.

-If visiting at night, make sure to bring warm clothes because the temperature is cooler and it becomes breezy.

-Take the tram or a bus if you aren’t prepared for a strenuous walk.

-Consider visiting the peak twice; during the day and at night.

-Visit right before sunset so you can watch the city come to life at night.

-Consider visiting on two different days so that you can eat and shop but also hike around the walking trails.

-Bring a camera because you’re going to want to take photos.

-If you’re on a budget, you may want to eat and buy souvenirs elsewhere. Prices tend to rise at such a prominent tourist attraction.

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