5 Tips On How To Avoid Theft In China

When traveling anywhere in the world, there are always risks and culture differences. In countries like China where there is a great difference between the wealthy and the poor, theft is prevalent. However, most can be avoided with a bit of research and awareness. Here are 5 tips to avoid theft in China!


#1 Prepare in advance

Do your research! With a quick search online, you can find the most common scams and ways people commit theft in the places you want to visit. In China the list is pretty long, from slick pickpocketing to teahouse girl scams, you can probably find it all in China’s big cities. You can easily avoid some of the most common ones by simply doing your research.

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Also, make sure to scan your important documents before hand. God forbid you lose your passport or IDs, but even if you do, by having all your IDs and documents scanned you can be sure to have a back up.

#2 Don’t be naive


If an absolute stranger is being a little too friendly or conveniently helpful, it’s safe to assume the worst in this situation and proceed with caution. There are a lot of stories about scam artists pretending to help tourist out by creating a situation where you need help, but on the other side someone’s stealing their wallets. Be mindful of your surroundings at all time.
I know China is the land of cheap products, but remember you get what you paid for. So if you think a deal is too good to be true, use your best judgment to try and figure out if it’s really worth it! (or just Google it)


#3 Pick your accessories wisely

First, if you are planning to take public transportation and exploring on your own it’s probably not in your best interest to start using brand name purses or expensive jewelry.

Not only could you get it stolen, but it could attract the wrong kind of attention and put you in a bad situation.
Second, be careful what type of accessories you chose to carry your stuff in. Generally, bags that can be fully closed, carried close to the body and within hands reach is your best options.

Such as messenger bags or a fanny pack. Backpacks are risky because it’s hard to feel a skilled pickpocketer behind you.

Make sure the zipper of your bag is always closed and never leave anything sticking out of your bag, because if it’s easy access for you, it’s easy access for other people too!


#4 It may be worth it to spend more

As much as we try not to have valuable while we’re traveling, we’re more likely than not be carrying way more valuables than we would in our home country; laptops, camera, cash, etc.

It might be wise to consider paying more to take taxi’s than public transportation, signing up for guided tours instead of going to tourist spots yourself and end up in a tourist trap.

Staying in a safer hotel will also help, you can feel safe leaving some of your valuables in your room. You may save more by spending on these upgrades!

#5 Most importantly

In General, try not to travel with anything you can’t bear to lose!

With all this said, China is actually one of the safest places to travel in the world. Most theft situations are non-confrontational and can be avoided by being careful and prepared!


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