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Best Party Cities In China For The Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is the best time to party in China. It isn’t all about the dragon dancers and sharing meals though. Partying for Chinese New Year goes way beyond just the standard celebrations with killer DJ sets, stellar events, and crazy dance parties. If you want to level up your party game in Chinese New Year, here are the best cities in China to celebrate.


This metropolis is one of China’s best-known party cities. Just the view of the skyline alone induces the excitement that brews before a crazy night out. Between the huge number of bars, the influx of foreign travelers, and a youth-fueled culture, Shanghai can be a crazy party city.

Shanghai Bars To Check Out

shanghai night club

• The Geisha: This club and restaurant span three whole floors, each offering something different. Grab some dinner on one floor before heading to their Sake Lounge, DJ-fueled club, or rooftop bar. They have a dress code so don’t come without putting some thought into your outfit.

• Bar Rouge: Located in the Bund, this is one of the most popular bars in the area. Dance, drink cocktails and enjoy the city views.

• Paulaner: This German bar has incredible beers, live music, and food to match. It’s more warm and cozy than the dance clubs but lots of fun.

Shanghai Clubs

• Monkey Champagne: This small restaurant and bar converts into a hip hop club after 10 pm. The place is tiny, so prepare to mingle with the people around you.

• The Apartment: This club is at the center of Shanghai nightlife. It’s crowded on the weekends and usually full of expats. The music ranges from pop and hip hop to house. Don’t forget to check out the rooftop hangout.

• The Shelter: This underground club was converted from a former bomb shelter, giving it an extra edge. There are lots of international DJs who play bass, heavy hip hop, and rap.

Shanghai On Chinese New Year

Best party cities in china for Chinese New Year

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There are tons of events going on in Shanghai to celebrate Chinese New Year. Most of them can be found on the Bund, Nanjing Road, and Yu Gardens. Make sure to:
• Visit Longhua Temple for the grand celebrations and watch the monks climb the pagoda to strike the bell.

• See the lantern festival in Yu Gardens.

• Visit the temple fair at Guyi Garden.

Hong Kong

While not technically in mainland China, Hong Kong is an obvious choice for partying during Chinese New Year. It’s like Beijing and London came together to produce a culturally incredible baby. Plus, the nightlife is out of this world.

Hong Kong Bars to Check Out

• Aberdeen Street Social: It’s a laid back, yet high-class restaurant and bar that is themed around British culture. Its wine selection is one of its biggest draws.

• VEA: This stylish rooftop bar is known for its craft cocktails. The views are stunning, and you’ll feel like a Hong Kong socialite while your sipping on your drink.

• Peak Café Bar: This bar is situated right by the famous escalators and welcomes guests with its cozy, British-style interior. The food is just as good as the drinks, and the atmosphere is even better.

Hong Kong Clubs

Best party cities in china for Chinese New Year

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• Fly: This place was meant for dance and music fans with its top of the line sound system and LED light wall. The entire club is designed to evoke every sense, including the textured walls and LED graphics.

• XXX Gallery: This dance spot is known for playing dubstep and electronic music. However, it also hosts other events like film screenings, live music, and avant-garde art exhibitions.

• Dragon-i: This is a be-and-be-seen kind of place as it’s frequented by models and other high-profile guests. It’s pretty packed on the weekends but always has some of the best musical talents.

Hong Kong On Chinese New Year

Best party cities in china for Chinese New Year

Photo Source: Ever Fest

Modern meets tradition during Chinese New Year in Hong Kong. If you’re visiting during the holiday, make sure to:
• Watch the fireworks display over Victoria Harbor.
• See the Chinese New Year horse races.
• Witness the parade on the streets around Tsim Sha Tsui.
• Go on a shopping spree because all of the malls and stores will have deep discounts.


What better place to celebrate Chinese New Year than in the country’s capital? You will surely get a traditional celebration here. However, while Beijing is full of history, it also has quite the nightlife going on too.

Beijing Bars To Check Out

• Capital Spirits: Hidden away in a small Hutong, this bar is the first of its kind. It’s main focus? Baijiu, a notoriously potent and not so nice tasting drink. However, this bar knows how to work their magic on the spirit so that it tastes delicious.

• Slow Boat Brewery: Also located in a Hutong, guests here can sip on locally made craft beer. They have over 17 different kinds of beer and have been at the beginning of the craft beer movement in the city.

• Mao Mao Chong: This award winning bar is known for its cocktail creations and trendy vibes. The atmosphere is laid back but also upscale at the same time.

Beijing Clubs

beijing clubs 2

• Banana: Get ready to listen to a whole collection of international and domestic DJs. This place is known for its music as well as its caged dancers!

• China Doll: This club is spread out over three floors and has a cute aquamarine theme. This flashy dance spot typically plays house, techno, and R & B tunes.

• MIX: It’s a staple of Beijing nightlife, and is considered to be an American-style club. The atmosphere is energetic, and the different rooms all have their own vibe. The lighting makes a night here even wilder and the hip-hop music is what guests love to dance to.

Beijing on Chinese New Year

Guests in Beijing during Chinese New Year will find celebrations everywhere! From the temples to the bars, there is a whole lot to experience in the way of tradition. If you’re here during the holiday, make sure to:
• Watch the fireworks display over the city.
• Attend the Temple Fairs and do some shopping.
• Attend the Longtan Fair and take part in the competitions.
• Hang out at the Chaoyang International Carnival.

If you want to have a well-rounded Chinese New Year, visiting a party city is the best way to do it. You’ll get all of the tradition and events mixed with a whole lot of wild parties, creative cocktails, and nights out that you will never forget.

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