City God Temple of Shanghai

With a rich history spanning over 600 years, the City God Temple is a major attraction in Shanghai. It is also known by several other names including “Temple of the City Gods” and “Old City God Temple”. Officially, it is the “City Temple of Shanghai”. Exhibiting magnificent architecture, the site is a main Taoist temple […]

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6 Unique Chinese Delicacies to Experience

China is world-renowned for its exceptional, diverse cuisine. From province to province, region-to-region, the sheer variety of delicious food is awe-inspiring. Whether it’s the vibrant spiciness of cuisine found in Sichuan province, to the Cantonese style hailing from Guangdong province (formerly Canton), all of it is spectacular. Yet, among the innumerable dishes found in Chinese […]

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unknown museums

4 Great Unknown Museums In China

Culture and history are things that are very easy to find in China. The deep roots that provide the basis for this country give thousands of years of incredible and fascinating history. This has been preserved through the many temples, religious shrines, and museums that are swarmed by tourists every year. But what if you want […]

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5 Places In China That Should Be UNESCO World Heritage Sites

When doing research for this article, it seemed that every site I chose was already a UNESCO heritage site. This was good and bad news. It is great news for China and those travelers with the opportunity to see one of the most amazing countries in the world with some of the world’s greatest treasures. […]

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The Top 6 Places To See Graffiti Art In China

Graffiti has gotten a bad rap over the years. As it seemed to be the defining mark of a bad neighborhood, awash with shady characters and crime, its reputation has now taken a turn for the better. With communities and tourists realizing that these works of graffiti are also works of art, more people have […]

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7 Wonderful And Unique Things To Do In Beijing

China’s historical capital of Beijing is an ancient city, which relishes the past, but races towards the future. Home to six UNESCO World Heritage Sites, it prides itself on being a cultural epicenter and a haven for food. With multitudes of must-see places at every corner, the choices can be overwhelming. There are the obvious popular […]

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7 Social Norms That Americans in China May Find Strange

A couple of years before I moved to China, I had read a book titled “Lost on Planet China.” The book was great, but I couldn’t fully understand why the author referred to the country as its own planet. After merely arriving on the doorstep of my apartment in China, I immediately understood what it […]

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pints of beer in china

5 Of The Best Beer Experiences In China

China produces more beer than any other nation on Earth, brewing nearly a quarter of all beer consumed. If you love a good brew, then you should seek out one of the many beer-related experiences on your next visit to China. There are so many ways to enjoy beer in China that it will make […]

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birdwatching china

Unique Bird Watching Spots in China

Hosting over 1300 different species of birds, China is the place to be if you are interested in bird watching. Now, the question is; where do you go to find these incredible creatures, especially when it comes to the ones that are endangered and hard to find? Here we discuss some of the best places to see […]

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chinese culture

5 Reasons To Explore Off The Beaten Path In China

When you think of visiting China, what comes to mind? Eating Dim Sum in Hong Kong? Exploring Shanghai’s Bund? Or heading to Beijing to hike the Great Wall? While China is known for its massive coastal cities, there are many hidden gems all around China that are well-worth a visit. Venturing “off the beaten path” in China has so much […]

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