Your China Travel Guide


Exploring the Wonders of Huangshan City

This magnificent ancient city is located in the Anhui province and is well-known mostly for the stunning Yellow Mountains that rise above. Its extraordinary area is filled with natural wonders and ancient history, steeped in the rich culture of China.  So, if you are not a big fan of hiking, you will still enjoy your stay […]

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alternative healing

The Power of Herbs & Elixirs: Diving into Traditional Chinese Medicine

In the Western world, when we feel under the weather our reflex is to pop one of our many, magical pharmaceutical pills. As we swallow this little “cure-all” of a capsule, our anxiety diminishes, and we thank god for the invention of modern medicine. Upon arriving in China, we get the feeling we’ve entered a […]

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shanghai skyline

5 Things To Do In Shanghai [VIDEO]

If you’re looking for classic things to do in Shanghai, these 5 must-dos should be on your bucket list. From Insta-gazing at its iconic skyline from The Bund to escaping the glitz and glamour of downtown in Yu Garden to eating the best soup dumplings on the planet and more, these 5 ideas listed in our video check […]

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The Strangest Tourist Attractions In China

China is a land full of strange sights and sounds, especially for foreigners. While it may be a bit of a culture shock even to step foot off the plane in this country, there are tourist attractions out there that are even stranger. Once your done taking the obligatory selfie on the Great Wall and […]

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The Top Honey Moon Destinations in China

OK, so China may not be your top choice for a romantic honeymoon destination. However, the locals honeymoon in gorgeous places all around the country; not because they can’t go to a Caribbean island but because they want to. In fact, Chinese people are “in the know” when it comes to romantic honeymoon spots in […]

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11 Surprising Things That Impressed Me About China

Before I set off for a year in China, I had certain expectations for what I would experience. I figured that the food would be delicious, the culture a bit shocking and the setting something that I would get used to once I spent a bit of time there. However, I realized that the things […]

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Get a Full Serving of China’s Tastiest Street Eats

China’s long and complex history is full of diverse modern as well as traditional culture. Within this country are various customs, dialects, and of course, food. As a result of the country’s vastness, there is also a variety of Chinese cuisine found throughout the streets of every city. There are exotic foods to be found […]

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Mount Hua

10 of the Most Adventurous Things to do in China

1) Learn Kung Fu in Shaolin Located in the Henan Province, Shaolin Monastery is believed to be the origin of Zen Buddhism. The source of the name comes from the peak at which base it sits – Shaoshi. Located 500 meters from the monastery, on the left-hand side of the academy complex, is a kung fu academy […]

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The 5 Best Wine Bars to Visit in China

In 2013, China became the world’s top consumer of red wine. Today, it’s the world’s largest consumer of wine. It suffices to say that wine has arrived in China. As wine culture continues to permeate the country, Chinese continue to look for places to enjoy wine. Wine bars have been popping up all over China […]

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the No.01 Bathing Beach

Exploring China’s Modern Cities

Modernity is quickly catching up in China, and this imperially raised country is growing into a modern place of commerce, technology, and travel. Seeing some of its grand cities, you would not think you were traveling to a place that has such a deep and rich history. However, all of these extremely modern cities have […]

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