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the Temple of Heaven

6 Social Mistakes I Made in China

Going to a new country is bound to be met with confusion and curiosity when it comes to social cues. There are new social norms to understand and customs to adhere to in each new destination. Moving to China with little to no background information on their customs, I made a whole lot of mistakes […]

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10 Reasons Why You Should Join A Tour For Your First Time in China

There are many ways you can go about traveling to China. Whether you join a tour, go solo, with a friend, a significant other or a group. You can plan it yourself or buy excursions. Everyone is different and have their own preferences, but that’s exactly why today I’m making the case for why you […]

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wine bottles

Exotic Wines that You Must Try in China

Although Cabernet Sauvignon is the most planted grape varietal in China accounting for more than 60% of all grapes under cultivation, China has some interesting wines made from local grapes and hybrids. These wines are refreshingly different from ones you’ll find on the rest of the planet where the vast majority of the wine is […]

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Animal Sanctuaries In China That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Animal sanctuaries help us bring to light of the incredible horrors that are done to animals. Any caring person will want to these heartless crimes against our furry friends to be stopped immediately! In fact, now in China, there are many places that are taking the safety of these animals into their own hands and […]

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China’s Most Popular Glass Walkways and Glass Bridges

In recent years, China has been opening more and more glass bottom tourist attractions, with each beating the next for world records. And the internet has been flooded with photos of terrified tourists being dragged across them. Here are the 4 of the most famous ones that you need to visit! #1 Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge […]

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hiking boots

5 Fun Hikes in China that are Great for Beginners

China is an enchanting land full of history, amazing architecture, delicious food, and countless activities. One of the most underrated aspects of a trip to China is enjoying its natural beauty. As one of the most ecologically diverse countries in the world, China has so much to offer those who like to immerse themselves in […]

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love napkin on china

The 10 Most Romantic Restaurants in Hong Kong

Romance is a song and dance that is continuously played throughout the year in Hong Kong. With the number of romantic restaurants, getting romantic isn’t hard. The city is absolutely alive with excitement and beauty, which is really what romance is all about, isn’t it? From the stunning view from Victoria Peak to the neon […]

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China Bungee Jumping

Top 15 Bungee Jumping Sites in China

If you’ve seen the movie The Great Wall (starring Matt Damon), then you know that Bungee Jumping sites in China existed a long, long time ago. They were used to fight off (spoilers) monsters which came from space to tell humanity off for its greed. Being serious though, bungee jumping in China has become a […]

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wine glass

The Top 5 Wine Regions To Visit In China

Are you a “wino-saur” looking for the best wine regions in China? I know, we all got to let loose every now and then. To visit China for the first time is to immerse yourself in an enchanting world full of exciting possibilities. In this land of enchantment, you will be amazed at what you […]

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Silk Road Facts: The Most Interesting On The Internet

Silk Road Facts: The Most Interesting On The Internet

Looking for interesting intellectual gems about China? Look no further, these Silk Road facts are a treasure chest of mental stimulation. And to refresh your memory, Silk Road is that road that goes from China to Europe; becoming a key trading piece and arguably the most iconic road in history. Not only is it historically […]

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