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birdwatching china

Unique Bird Watching Spots in China

Hosting over 1300 different species of birds, China is the place to be if you are interested in bird watching. Now, the question is; where do you go to find these incredible creatures, especially when it comes to the ones that are endangered and hard to find? Here we discuss some of the best places to see […]

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chinese culture

5 Reasons To Explore Off The Beaten Path In China

When you think of visiting China, what comes to mind? Eating Dim Sum in Hong Kong? Exploring Shanghai’s Bund? Or heading to Beijing to hike the Great Wall? While China is known for its massive coastal cities, there are many hidden gems all around China that are well-worth a visit. Venturing “off the beaten path” in China has so much […]

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dos and donts of china

Need To Know: The Dos And Donts When Traveling To China

No matter where on this earth you travel to, having a basic understanding of the customs of the people that inhabit your destination of choice is crucial. In China, a land so vastly different than our own, there are particular ways in which we’ve learned one is expected to conduct oneself in order to be […]

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mount-wuyi-sublime china

5 Underrated UNESCO World Heritage Sites to Visit in China

It’s probable that you know about China’s big players in the world of UNESCO heritage sites. The Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors, West Lake and the Historic Center of Macau are on the itineraries of most visitors to the country. However, with more than 50 sites deemed worthy of being named a UNESCO world heritage site, […]

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china li river

Exploring The Wonders Of China’s Great Waterways

Water has always been essential to human life, but it is also one of the things that give us incredible beauty. China’s waterways boast clear, smooth waters, verdant embankments and stunning mountain backdrops. These paintings of nature seem almost like photographs when you see them in real life. Whereas your photographs will never be able […]

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Ecotourism In Shanghai’s Chongming Island

Although this lovely island is technically part of Shanghai, you will see no resemblance to the fast-paced action of life in the city. Instead, Chongming is a haven of natural life, and a peaceful escape from the bustle of booming Shanghai. If you’re looking to get back in touch with nature after spending some time […]

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asian girls in park

40 Chinese Phrases Every Backpacker Will Find Useful While Visiting China

If you’re heading to China and you haven’t been before, it can be helpful to speak some of the languages. While English teaching might be a popular profession for foreigners in China, you might be surprised to hear that a lot of the locals can’t speak it. In fact, some sources state that only around […]

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Top 10 Famous Shopping Streets In China

Top 10 Famous Shopping Streets In China

Shopping in China is one of those activities that need to be on your itinerary. The natural scenery and famous landmarks are fantastic, but the famous shopping streets can’t be missed. These shopping hubs are located all over the country, but there are a few popular streets that are better than the rest for getting some […]

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feng ancient china

Travel Back in Time to Discover China’s Ancient Wonders

On your next trip to China be sure to discover its ancient wonders. Pay homage to the 1,500-year-old Longmen Buddha Grotto, get lost in the timeless charms of Fenghuang town and join a legion of terracotta warriors. With so much history, you will feel as though you’ve gone back in time. The Longmen Grottoes Located […]

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beach in china

Sunny Beach Getaways In China

The beautiful coastline that stretches out on China’s eastern side is nearly 18,000 kilometres (11,000 miles) in length, and filled with beautiful beaches that are just waiting for you to enjoy. If you’re planning your trip to China in the summertime (or even if you’re not!) and want to find a nice beach town to […]

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