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Top 10 Best Tibetan Restaurants You Have To Try When You Visit China

Top 10 Best Tibetan Restaurants You Have To Try When You Visit China

If you’re visiting China, a Tibetan restaurant is an experience you’ll want to have. One of the best parts about coming to China is the food, and there are so many kinds of cuisine, that it can get overwhelming. While Sichuan hot pot and hand-pulled noodles are usually the first items on a foodie-centered China […]

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The Top Cities To Teach ESL (TESOL) In China

Moving to China to teach ESL is a great idea if you are interested in a long-term stay. The benefits of taking one of these jobs are plenty as most programs offer free housing, flight reimbursement, and a generous salary. As long as you have a college degree and are a native English speaker, you […]

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Cheese Travel In China

If you’re a cheese lover and looking for your next cheese travel adventure, look no further. When one thinks of traveling through China, cheese is not the first thing that comes to mind. In fact, thinking about cheese in China makes one wonder: “yeah, why can’t I think of a good Chinese cheese?” A little-known […]

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shanghai night club

Best Party Cities In China For The Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is the best time to party in China. It isn’t all about the dragon dancers and sharing meals though. Partying for Chinese New Year goes way beyond just the standard celebrations with killer DJ sets, stellar events, and crazy dance parties. If you want to level up your party game in Chinese New […]

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street food

Exploring The Remote City Of Urumqi

Standing like an oasis in the middle of Xinjiang’s vast desert area, this metropolis of Urumqi is home to over 3 million people. As it was once a part of the ancient Silk Road trade route, this vibrant city has grown from a well-traveled resting stop to a fully grown, modern city. It is known […]

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dog at vet

How To Travel With A Pet To China

Pet owners like to travel just as much as anyone else. With cat hotels and dog kennels readily available, travel can seem more realistic to pet owners than ever before. And, if you, the dedicated pet owner, has friends who can watch your fur babies, even better. However, not everyone likes to part from their […]

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10 Things To Avoid When Traveling To Beijing

Beijing, like many other cities throughout the world, has plenty of hiccups that could put a damper on your trip. Give these a read to ensure you don’t waste any time while visiting Beijing. 1. Stick with Beer in a Bar Around Houhai The bars in Houhai, much like in Sanlitun, are overpriced, and some […]

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Dianchi Lake

Amazing Trails for the Adventurous Spirit

A true adventurer is one who is willing to go beyond the norm, someone who will see excitement and thrills in places where your average tourist might just not be willing to go. Hiking is a great way to truly explore the natural beauty of an area and get to know it inside and out. […]

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harbin city

Don’t Overlook the Magical City of Harbin When Visiting China

Every visitor to China should consider spending some time in Harbin. The largest city in Heilongjiang serves as the province’s capital and it is filled with history and intrigue. Whether you are looking to bone-up on your Mandarin or drift away with the sweet sounds of China’s oldest orchestra, Harbin has what you are looking for. […]

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6 Romantic Places For Couples To Visit In China

Traveling with your significant other is a great way to get to know each other better and share beautiful memories in foreign places. If you’re looking for the best romantic places to take the love of your life, then here are six beautiful spots in China to add to your list! The Bund – Shanghai […]

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