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Top 15 Bungee Jumping Sites in China

If you’ve seen the movie The Great Wall (starring Matt Damon), then you know that Bungee Jumping sites in China existed a long, long time ago. They were used to fight off (spoilers) monsters which came from space to tell humanity off for its greed.

Bungee Jump in China

Being serious though, bungee jumping in China has become a popular activity in recent years. It’s not just because Matt Damon did it in a film, it’s because it’s one hell of an adrenaline-packed ride, and Chinese people love adrenaline.

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There’s never been a better time to make the jump, especially with China being home to the highest bungee jumping site in the world. And with more and more money being invested in domestic tourism destinations, it’s only going to get better.

So, if you’re thinking of taking the dive, plummet, or any other word which means to fall quickly and for an unnaturally long period of time whilst still surviving, then take a look below at some of the best bungee jumping sites in China.

Beijing – Juma River (the big one)

Located just South of the Great Wall, Beijing is probably going to be one of the places you make sure to include on your itinerary for visiting China. Luckily for you, Beijing has some of the best bungee jumping sites in China, including the Juma River. The location is just next to Qilin Mountain, so you’ll be seeing water in front of you, and mountains behind. The main tower is 55 meters.

Beijing – Juma River (the little one)

The smaller of the two towers at Juma River. Jumpers will only have to fall 45 meters. It’s not a huge difference but might make those who are a little nervous more inclined to make the jump.


Beijing – Qing Long Canyon

Also located near to Beijing– Qing Long Canyon might just be one of the best bungee jumping sites in China for those who want to really feel they’re one with nature. Taking place from the Longxia Lake dam, you’ll find yourself plummeting 70 meters downwards towards the water below. It’s not the longest fall available in China, but it’s unique in its jumping location and scary enough that some people would only do it once.

Beijing – Shijingshan Amusement Park

With a total height of 42 meters, the Shijingshan amusement park is the place to go if you want to experience a tamer (entry level) bungee jumping experience. Despite the location and height, you’ll find your 16 story descent brilliant prep for something bigger.

Beijing – Yesanpo

Located in the Baili Scenic area, this bungee jumping opportunity takes you back to nature. The height is 62 meters and will leave you in a state of adrenaline euphoria. Due to the lack of tall buildings and mountains next to the jump, it’ll feel like you’re skydiving… Right until the rope tightens and pulls you back up!

Beijing – Olympic Sports Center

The Olympic sports center is a brilliant location for Bungee Jumping beginners. Also located in Beijing, this center is home to a tower totaling 24 meters. Whilst this isn’t the highest, the location gives you the chance to say you’ve jumped from an Olympic tower location. Not many other places can say that!

Beijing – Longtanhu Park

Beijing’s Longtanhu Park is located right next to the Hucheng River, so bungee jumping from the 40-meter-tall tower is a great experience. It’s a Bungee slingshot, so you’ll be catapulted upwards quicker than in traditional bungee jumping sites.

Beijing – Yanqi Lake

Bungee Jump off the Bridge

Whilst looking for bungee jumping sites in China, Yanqi Lake might not seem to be the most memorable, but then you’d be forgetting about its views. Notably, those of the Great Wall. It’s a 50-meter fall, and the Great Wall views just make it a must visit.


Guangzhou is one of China’s major cities, and a location most travelers will make their way through. It’s convenient, it’s big, and it offers a lot to do. So, in case you’re in Guangzhou and you’re looking for one of the Bungee Jumping sites in China, there’s only one place you can go: the Sante Extreme Sport Center. The jump itself is only 45 meters, but don’t let that trick you into thinking it’s not worth it.

It’s still scary, it’s still fun, and it’s still a hell of a drop!

Shanghai – Jinshan City Beach

So you’ve Given up on Beijing and headed southerly and into Shanghai. Head to the Jinshan City Beach (yes, a real inner city beach), to visit one of the best sand-based Bungee Jumping sites in China. At around 40 meters tall, and with Shanghai surrounding it, it’s worth the trip.


Shanghai – Jinjiang American Park

The theme park offers a small bungee jump – at only 25 meters – but it’s worth it for those who want to give Bungee Jumping a try and haven’t before.

Shanghai – Shanghai Stadium

Another Shanghai Bungee location. A little higher at 30 meters, but still not the highest in China. Convenient if you’re in Shanghai.


A smaller City than Guangzhou, but close to Shanghai. If you’re thinking of going Bungee Jumping and looking for a place near Shanghai, then this is one of the best sites. It’s just a short bullet train ride away from Shanghai’s train station. Easily reached. The drop is only about 40 meters high and takes place from a man-made tower which hovers above the park.


Heading over to the West of China and you’ll find Bungee Jumping in Guilin. The Merryland Theme Park is the place to go. About 50 meters tall, you’ll have great views of the local Karst landscape on the way down.



The Yongtai Dazhangxi is 73 meters tall, and one of the most breathtaking bungee jumping sites in China. Don’t hold your Breath as you make your descent in this hilly landscape.

The Macau Tower

Located just a short boat ride from Shenzhen, the Macau Tower holds a prestigious record for Bungee Jumping locations the world over. Yup, the Macau Tower is the highest Bungee Jumping site in the world.


Standing at 233m tall, you’re likely going to find yourself somewhat hesitant once you’re up there looking down. If you’re a bit scared of jumping from such an unnaturally high height, just keep your mind clear and know that it will all be over in a few minutes.

How high would you jump from?

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