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Chinese Theme Parks that Give Disney a Run for Its Money

You may think that the best theme parks can only be found in the western world, but that idea is most certainly proved wrong by the fantastic theme parks you can find in China. If you’re visiting the area and want to check out what China has to offer for amusement, animals, and crazy roller coasters, then you are in for a treat! Take the kids out for a family-friendly day of excitement and adventure.

Here are some of our top picks for theme parks to see in China:

Changzhou Dinosaur Park

It’s Jurassic Park come to life! This great dinosaur-themed park features over 70 different attractions for tourists to enjoy! See the hot springs and beautiful green gardens, or try out the arcades in Dinosaur Town. There is also a dinosaur-themed water park available during the summer months.


On Dinosaur Island, you and your kids can have a field day discovering more about the dinosaurs and the environmental and ecological ideas behind their existence. Kids get to have their own adventures climbing through the forests, hunting dinosaurs in the bushes, running through obstacle courses and more! You can also see all kinds of different performances on the stage.

The rides in this park are great for adults and kids, including an area with some crazy themed pirate ships!

Songcheng Park

Located in Hangzhou, this fantastic cultural park celebrates the identity of the Song Dynasty, giving the visitor incredible detail and insight into this fascinating era of Chinese history. You can see the way people lived in those times, and see cultural performances that teach more about this rich culture.

There are three parts to this park. In Performing Songcheng, see beautiful shows like the Romance of the Song Dynasty, drawn from ancient myths surrounding this culture. It is said that if you go to Hangzhou without seeing this show, then you are missing something grand and wonderful and have ultimately missed Hangzhou.

dance show

In High-Tech Songcheng, get creeped out by the two haunted houses, and feel your world turn upside down on Mysterious Street. By the use of technology, they have recreated a dream had by Emperor Gaozong, and you can watch strange and mysterious things happen all around you.

In Cultural Songcheng, you can see traditional workshops and Buddhist temples. Also, get a chance to interact with the activities of the Song Dynasty, and see other folk activities and festivals.


Guangzhou Changlong Holiday Resort

This is one of the most popular places for foreign tourists and is a fantastic combination of all kinds of entertainment and excitement all in one place. There are different parts of the park that cater to whatever it is that you’re looking for.

Chimelong Happy World is an incredible theme park that offers one of the world’s most incredible roller coasters. It has been mentioned in the Guinness World Records, which is not surprising considering its incredible ten loops!  See if you can ride it and still keep your lunch down! You’ll find this monster in Rainbow Bay, and other thrilling rides in the Screaming Zone. The Habi Kingdom is also here, where the coasters are a bit toned down so as to be family friendly.

In the Xiangjiang Safari Park get up close and personal with over 460 rare and endangered species. This park is a mixture of animals from all over the world, including koalas, giant pandas, anteaters, and so much more! Check out the shows that the animals put on and get a real treat. You have the option to drive your own car into the landscape and encounter the animals, or you can take a train ride and take in the scenery that way.

Chimelong Water Paradise is the world’s largest and most advanced water park, featuring incredible waterslides and a huge water cruise so that you can sit back and relax. Fun for the whole family!

In the Guangzhou Crocodile Park, you will get introduced to 100,000 crocs and alligators of all shapes and sizes. Visitors can learn more about these amazing creatures and learn how they go about living their lives.

Seeing the kind of incredible feats that have been created overseas, it is no wonder that these parks are some of the most popular in China, and are becoming famous in other parts of the world as well! Judge for yourself whether even Disney can stand up to some of these incredible places.

If you were to teleport yourself to one of these parks now, which one would you choose?

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