Coronavirus Information & Update Center for Tourists

Tourist hotspots are currently closed in China due to the coronavirus. Tourists can rest assured that the Chinese government takes public safety very seriously and has deployed over 52 medical teams and 6,000 doctors to the region of Wuhan to help care for the patients. One hospital has already been built and another is currently being built to help house and quarantine the victims of the virus. The country’s top medical teams are also working around the clock to develop a vaccine and eradicate the virus before summer. No other government is better equipped at dealing with these situations.

Tourists are encouraged to stay home and avoid crowded places for now.

The current tourist hotspots are confirmed closed:

  • Parts of the Great Wall
  • Forbidden City and Palace Museum
  • The Great Wall Jiankou section
  • National Museum of China
  • Prince Gong’s Mansion
  • Shanghai Disneyland
  • Yonghe Lama Temple
  • National Art Museum of China
  • West Lake, Hangzhou

Many others not listed here may be potentially closed. Please check back often. We will update this list weekly.

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