Guilin City and its breathtaking scenery provides a paradise backdrop, it truly is blessed with a natural karst landscape that takes you into a whole other world. Guilin is the former capital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and is considered by the Chinese as the country’s most picturesque city. Guilin is situated in the northeastern of Guangxi. The city’s name means “forest of Sweet Osmanthus.”

If you visit Guilin you’ll notice that their history is as enchanting as its scenery. During the Qin Dynasty, the Han people extended their rule over Guilin. During the Han Dynasty, the village was large enough that its status was upgraded, and it became Shi’an County.

Interestingly enough, during the Southern Dynasties Period of the Southern and Northern Dynasties Period, the city was renamed Guizhou. In the years following the formation of the Republic of China, the new republic continued to expand its military forces throughout the country. Thus Guizhou, in 1921, became one of the regional headquarters of the Republic of China’s Northern Expeditionary Army. In 1940, the city officially changed its name to Guilin.

In a way Guilin is a fusion of many ethnic minority cultures. Guangxi is the “home province” of the Zhuang ethnic minority, where there are ten other ethnic minorities, as well as a large contingent of Han people. The mixed cultures of Han and minority groups contribute to the diversified lives of Guilin.

If you’ve never witnessed a city encircled by mountains before, you’re definitely going to hold this memory near and dear to your heart. Guilin lies in a small valley, with mountains along its borders, featuring its legendary karst silhouettes, including caves — all of which contributes to the unique beauty of the city.

Famous attractions in Guilin include: Elephant Trunk Hill; Moon Hill; and Reed Flute Cave. The Li River, winding its way among crags and hills, creates a timeless beauty fit for a landscape painting. Yangshuo, an idyllic small county, is a paradise where carefree backpackers and others relax and enjoy the magnificent surroundings.

West Street is the oldest street in Yangshuo, and it evolved into the busiest and most famous street in the city. At night it is a different sight. The love for nature turns into a love for trendy bars, cafes, and restaurants. Thousands of visitors come out to enjoy the nightlife in Guilin. The surrounding county Longsheng is well known for its terraced rice paddles, and Zhuang and Yao ethnic cultures.

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Elephant Trunk Hills in china

Elephant Trunk Hill

Bare witness to a natural marvel and a beautiful product of Mother Nature, Elephant Trunk Hill is famous for attracting the millions…And millions from all over the world. The hill itself is a symbol for Guilin and it strikingly looks like an elephant stretching its trunk into the Li River. Charming and symbolic of the city’s landscape, Elephant Trunk Hill is a must-see in China.

Reed flute cave in china

Reed Flute Cave

Arguably one of Guilin’s best tourist attractions, Reed Flute Cave is over 180 million years old and is one of the most interesting attractions in Guilin City. With multicolored lighting on its natural limestone, it seems as if you were in a colorful wonderland.  Reed Flute Cave is a city icon and has been a popular destination for over 1200 years.

li river in china

 Li River

The river flows from Guilin to Yangshuo. Along its riverbanks, stand thousands of karst mountains which look like bamboo shoots jutting from the ground. The river cruise is about 83 kms long and takes about 4 or 5 hours, it’s worth every minute. During the cruise, travelers can also enjoy the tranquil countryside views — an unforgettable experience while you tour Guilin.

dragon's backbone rice terraced in china

Dragon’s Backbone Rice Terrace

Stretching layer by layer, coiling around from the base of Longji Mountain to its top, the Dragon’s Backbone Rice Terrace is situated approximately 27 kilometers away from the Longsheng County. It was first constructed in the Yuan Dynasty and it was the culmination of both the wisdom of the dynasty and labors of Zhuang Nationalities.

Yulonghe cruise in china

Yulonghe Cruise

Silky water, ancient bridges and classic karst backdrops, the Yulonghe Cruise features one of the longest tributaries of Li river in the Yangshuo. It is also called little Li River. For its verdant bushes, lush grass, clean water, emerald green bamboo on both sides. Without question, this is a relaxing and unforgettable way to witness one of China’s crown jewels.

west street in china

 West Street

One of the oldest streets in Yangshuo, West Street has over 1400 years of history to tell. It mixes eastern and western culture, welcoming foreigners from all over the world. You’ll find more foreigners here than you’ll find Chinese, dubbing the street at times “Foreigners Street.” Despite the many differences, their appreciation for West Street binds everyone together.

Daxu Ancient Town in china

Daxu Ancient Town

If you love off the beaten path experiences then you’ll love a tour of Daxu. The Daxu Ancient Town was first built in 200 AD and it offers a remote and traditional experience away from the hustle and bustle of the major cities. Many tourists and movie producers have filmed here. The dragon boat race is also held  here each year, a crowd favorite.

seven star park in china

Seven Star Park

If you plan a tour to Guilin, you’ll have to make your way through the Seven Star Park. It’s the largest comprehensive and most popular park in Guilin, featuring wonderful hills, rivers, caves and rock. Located on the eastern side of the Li River, the park originates from a cave whose name is Seven-star. An entertaining Guilin experience and a must add.

yangshuo moon hill in china

Yangshuo Moon Hill

Akin to Elephant Hill, you’ll have to pay a visit to Yangshuo Moon Hill, another stroke of beauty from Mother Nature’s own paint brush. The hill’s center is similar to the moon up in the sky, embedded into the limestone.  There are 800 marble stairs, also known as “Appreciating Moon Path,” that lead up to Moon Hill — all which have drawn many tourists and rock climbers.

fuli ancient town in china

Fuli Ancient Town

Also known as the “hometown of painted paper fans” the Fuli Ancient Town offers an attractive traditional experience, featuring stone villages, pagodas and traditional ways of living. It is one of the most well-preserved cities in Guilin. Movie Liusanjie was filmed here just for its original tribal life and complex ancient culture. On the every eight of the fifth lunar month, there is a grand and busy market gathering.

ping'an Zhuang village in china

Ping’an Zhuang Village

Touted as the “Garden of Eden” by many tourists, Ping’an Zhuang Village is an instant hit with anyone who appreciates astonishing scenes of nature and unforgettable moments. Hands down it’s the most famous village in Longji Scenic Area. Remote and well-preserved, our tour will take you in for an up close and personal look at local life.

big banyan tree in china

Yangshuo Big Banyan Tree

The Yangshuo Big Banyan Tree is legendary. In ancient times many locals worshiped it as a god. It’s 70 meters high and 7 meters wide and it’s as old as the Yangshuo County, first planted in Jin Dynasty. The movie Liusanjie was filmed under the big banyan tree — it’s world famous. There’s nothing quite it anywhere else in China, its silhouette is an incredible example of tree godliness.




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