Eat like a criminal in Tianjin at Prison Feng Yun

Looking for a truly unique dining experience? Come to Tianjin where you can dine like an inmate!

Prison Feng Yun is China’s first prison-themed restaurant. The interior is prison themed with furry pests hanging from the ceiling, iron rod bars around the tables, and rather disturbing images on the walls.


Source: Munchies

Although it seems all fun and games, the owner of the restaurants intentions for opening the restaurant is quite grim. He wanted to create a place where people could experience living without freedom, thus preventing them from committing crimes.

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However, almost every other aspect of the restaurant besides the appearance is like a normal bar or restaurant, so it might not have the effects the owner had hoped, but still a very interesting concept.


Source: Munchies

The Experience

Besides the jail like appearance of the bar, they do little things to give off a more jail like vibe. In olden times water torture was common in China, so in summer the restaurant would fill up some water under the tables and give customers flip flops.

The menu items also have gruesome names, and their appetizers, which are free are what is actually served in jail in China. As for the menu, they mainly serve Chinese and western dishes, and have live music performances and avant-garde lighting which draws a lot of locals who want a truly unique dining experience.


Source: Munchies

If you are dining downstairs, after your food is served, the bars around your table will be locked to create a more jail like experience.

If that’s not enough for you there is also an option to book a private room upstairs where you would be served through a hatch in the door. Although it’s all fun and games people in the older community in China find it disturbing and think it is quite taboo.

If you’re not superstitious, it’s definitely worth a visit if your in Tianjin!

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