Enjoying Winter Fun in Jilin City

As the capital of the Jilin Province in Northeastern China, this city is famous for its position alongside the beautiful Songhua River. Known for its especially cold winters, this area boasts some of the most incredible natural beauty in China.

But the fun really gets started during the bitterly chilly months of January and February! Although this may not sound like perfect travel conditions, Jilin is home to the kinds of spectacular adventures that can only be appreciated during winter.

So how can you truly enjoy your stay in Jilin City during winter?

See the Beautiful Rime Scenery

This phenomenon is one of the major natural wonders in China. Even for those who are familiar with the effects of snow and ice, this beautiful experience is one of a kind.

Rime is actually ice crystals that form along the branches of trees and other similar objects. It happens because of the fog that is common to the area. When the air is below freezing, the water droplets still wander through the air until they make contact with a hard surface, where they then freeze.

The brilliant white effect of this incredible phenomenon is incomparable. Locals and tourists alike bask in the wonder of this incredible sight, and there is even an international festival celebrated every year in honor of the rime.


To see the rime in person, you will need to get up very early in the morning, as it will usually disappear before 7:00 AM. Remember that it is very important to stay warm, so dress extremely well to keep yourself safe, and bring along heating pads for your feet and hands (or for your camera!).

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To find the best views, visit Wusong Island (which translates to Rime Island in English) in the Songhua River just north of Jilin City to see some beautiful views of the rime. Also, try talking to a local taxi driver who will most likely have seen the rime report on the news and can give you the best tips on where to go.

Spend the Day Doing Winter Sports

Jilin is a great place to spend the day on the slopes either with your skis or a snowboard. There are plenty of fantastic ski resorts where you can tear up the powder!

Sky Mountain Beidahu was the base for the Winter Asian Games in 2007 and the Winter Olympics in 2012 and is 56 kilometers outside of Jilin City. With ten lifts and a great variety of trails, this ski resort has a fantastic location that helps ensure its consistent snow cover.


Also, if you’re interested in skiing, sledding, or winter swimming, these are also common winter sports for Jilin City inhabitants and visitors.

The winter season here lasts from November to April, so you’ll have plenty of time to get all your favorite winter activities in!

Relax at the Spa

If you’re looking for a place to rest your cold and tired bones after a day of winter fun, then it’s time to treat yourself to one of Jilin City’s beautiful spas! At places like the Shennong Manor Spa or the Shengde Spring Hydrophilic Holiday Garden, you’ll be able to enjoy a comfortable time of rest and relaxation.

Changbai Mountains

If you’re traveling through Jilin Province, you’ll probably make your way to the beautiful Changbai Mountains in the far east of the province. Here, don’t forget to visit the Changbai Hot Springs, a natural hot spring area fed by the dormant volcano who still breathes enough heat into the pools to create an enjoyable and relaxing experience for visitors.

Wander Along the Songhua River Boulevard

Taking a stroll along this street on a chilly winter night is a romantic way to end your day here in Jilin City. The lights along the waterfront of the Songhua River are the perfect backdrop to snow covered streets around you.

The scene has been compared to the placid yet spectacular views across Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong. Here you are in the center of modern Jilin, with plenty of places to eat and shop in the area.

Jilin City is one of the few places in the world that really kicks into gear when winter comes. If you love the snow and the placid winter scenery, then Jilin City is a perfect place for you to have a winter adventure, along with the rest of this beautiful province!

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