Fun For The Whole Family in Modern Wenzhou

The lovely city of Wenzhou is a community rooted in its nearest water source, the Oujiang River which flows into the East China Sea. This lovely area is known for its natural surroundings as well as its modern central area. If you’re coming to Wenzhou with the whole family, you will surely find something of interest for every member.

So what is there to see in Wenzhou, and how can the whole family enjoy?

Jiangxin Island

This beautiful scenic spot is located right in the middle of the Oujiang River and is easily accessible either by taxi or by ferry from the center of Wenzhou. It was rated the top attraction in Wenzhou by visitors on TripAdvisor.

If you’re looking for a quiet place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, then Jiangxin is a must-see on your trip to Wenzhou. This lovely garden area covers 70,000 square meters and is like a haven away from the city. You’ll find lovely parks with locals relaxing, or playing traditional music. Enjoy the greenery with trees that are hundreds of years old, as well as ancient history in the beautiful Xingqing Temple, and the East and West Pagodas. You’ll also be able to wander through the Bonsai Garden and see the intricate detailing on the small trees and plants.


If you’ve brought your kids along and you’re looking for a bit of fun, then don’t forget to visit the amusement park that has been built here! Check out the Ferris Wheel, or the great roller coasters that are available, or rent a little boat to ride around the small lake within the island. Each ride costs about 20 yuan.

If you’re visiting in the summer with kids, then don’t forget to cool off in Jiangxin’s water park! Entrance is 150 yuan.

To get to Jiangxin Island, you can take a car over the bridge but you will have to pay a toll. The best way is to take the ferry from the Jiangxin Wharf for about 30 yuan.

Nanxi River Scenic Area

The Nanxi River is known for its clear, ever-flowing waters that wander through thick forests, steep mountains and into the center of the country. As a wonderful day trip from Wenzhou, you can take a family adventure around the river’s scenic area. Watch all kinds of fish swimming along the stones at the river’s base, or even take a raft ride down the waterway.


Along the higher reaches of the Nanxi River, there is some incredible scenery featuring waterfalls, lofty hills rising up on either side. You’ll also find some very interesting ancient villages that still function alongside the rivers. Although China has moved forward in technological advancement, these small villages seem as if they are frozen in a time that has disappeared for the rest of the world. You can explore places like the Yantou village, a beautiful place nestled into the foot of a mountain. It is a home to people who live a life much closer to nature.

Yandang Mountain

Another beautiful natural site, the Yandang Mountain area is a great place to spend the day with your family. Enjoy staggering peaks and lovely waterfalls, and take the kids to explore the many caves that dot the hillside.

The most impressive waterfall is known as the Big Dragon Waterfall, and drops almost 200 meters down from Liangyun Peak. Normally a very calm flow of water comes from the top. However, after a heavy rain, the thunderous waters create the illusion of a dragon within the mountain mists.


Source: MN Travelog

The Spiritual Peaks is also a lovely area to visit, towards the east of Yandang Mountain. Take a look at the peaks from below during the day. Alternatively, visit at night to see them in a different and even more stunning setting.

These are just some of the lovely sites in the Yandang Mountain area. Each attraction will have its own entrance price, ranging from 15 to 50 yuan. To get there from Wenzhou, take a bus from the New South Station for about 30 yuan. It is also accessible by train from Shanghai. Once in the park area, there are shuttle busses to take you to all of the different attractions.

Wenzhou city and the surrounding area offer many adventure-filled days for you and your family! Take a trip to this lovely area and enjoy the wonders of nature alongside the excitement of the city.

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