Get Back In Touch With Nature in the Middle of Bustling Beijing

Living in a big city like Beijing has its perks, such as plenty of bars, restaurants and shops. Normally, finding a job in such a large city is also very easy. Especially when you have the help of the internet. But living in a big city has its downsides too. The same can be said even if you’re just visiting! You can get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of the city that it’s hard to unwind. You may find sleeping to be a problem. Especially, if you’re not used to being in the middle of the city, you may miss the beauty of nature.

Parks in Beijing

So what’s the solution? Well, lucky for you Beijing is full of beautiful hidden scenery that can be found in its parks! In fact, there are over 300 parks in Beijing. Are you ready to visit them all? It’s obviously impossible, but there are few of our favourites that shouldn’t be missed out.

Purple Bamboo Park

Being one of the largest and the most stunning parks nestled into the streets of Beijing, it is a beautiful spot with lakes, hills and bridges. Thus, having a picnic or a morning jog here is a must, trust us! The interconnecting lakes make little islands within the park. And in these lovely secluded spots, you will find many different flowers that are well cared for.

The Gaoliang Bridge was an essential part of the culture of Beijing (and especially its young people) all the way back to the Ming Dynasty. This verdant garden is filled with lovely shade trees and thick bamboo. Visit the pavilion by the water to see more about the area, or take your lunch to the banks of the river and have a picnic. This is such a lovely place just to relax and unwind. The entrance will cost you 5 yuan, and you can find it in the Haidaian district of Beijing.

Chinese Nationalities Ethnic Culture Park

If you’re looking to learn more about the varied cultures of the Chinese people, check out this fantastic park! Although most Chinese are descendants of the Han majority, there are 56 ethnic groups that inhabit this expansive country. Thus, this park is separated into different mini villages that highlight the culture and customs of the many varied ethnic groups. It is an incredible spot to see and truly get to know the differences in these cultures without having to go too far!

Chinese minority traditions

Watch the different performances and festivals held in the different sections, and take the opportunity to join in! You’ll be glad you did. Located a bit south of the Olympic Park in the northern part of Beijing, this park is easily accessible by metro. Take line 10 to the BeiTuCheng station.

Beijing Botanical Garden

This incredibly beautiful arrangement of flowers will brighten anyone’s day. It’s a perfect place to take your kids! The delicate and intricately designed gardens will stir in you an appreciation for beauty that you may not have felt before.


Native plants bloom in brilliant colors that make this park shine. The area of the garden covers over 500 acres and consists of many different sections. For example, you’ll find a beautiful place to wander and relax in the 14 outdoor gardens. Each is dedicated to a particular flower or type of flowers, such as the peony garden, the magnolia garden, the lilac garden, the rose garden, and more. Inside the greenhouse, you’ll see plants from all different areas of China, such as tropical plants, desert plants, and others! When you enter the main conservatory, you’ll be able to see the incredible bonsai garden they have created. The park also consists of a nature reserve and a historic area where you can see memorials to prominent figures in Chinese history.

This park is located in the Haidian District and is best reached by bus. The entrance price is 10 yuan, but entering different parts of the park will cost extra.

So are you ready to explore the beautiful parks of Beijing? We hope you are and remember they’re only a short trip away when you live and work in this beautiful and bustling city!

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