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INFOGRAPHIC: 15 Interesting Facts About Beijing You Probably Don’t Know Yet

There are a lot of facts about Beijing out there floating around on the internet, some more interesting than others. If you’re a traveler yourself and have made your way to Beijing you know that it is the capital of China, an ancient empire steeped with thousands of years of culture.

It’s filled with a lot of sights and sounds and its land is evolving faster than ever.

And it’s true how they say Beijing is like fine wine, the more you experience it, the more you love it. Without question, it’s a source of inspiration and is a journey every backpacker must explore once; the Great Wall alone will blow your mind.

Indeed, Beijing is a special place and it offers the best of both worlds. The people proudly celebrate their rich history while also embracing the future; making Beijing arguably the most modern capitals of the world today, truly an international metropolis home to over 21.5 million people. It’s massive.

There’s a lot to soak in and there’s always something new to learn in Beijing. So if you think you know everything there is to know about China’s capital city, you may want to think again.

Below, we highlight 15 interesting facts about Beijing that we think you don’t know yet.

Check out our infographic below and let us know if your favorite Beijing fact made our list.


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