With 21 years in tourism, Sublime China has a professional team of travel experts that fully understand the value of a high quality tour and the needs of travelers. We are there whenever you need us, with professional service and great personal touch. We know travel industry in China, from both the corporate and leisure perspectives. We know our products and we never, ever stop trying to improve the value of our services, creating new and better ways in delivering dreamy China tours to all our clients.

Meet Some of Our Travel Experts

sublime china team

Name – Zoe Mao (Mao Yingying)
Telephone – (+86)-571-85278076
Profile – Zoe has worked as a travel consultant for more than 8 years. She is an excellent tour planner and knows the needs of travelers. She is very attentive to details and has helped a great many travelers realize their dream travel in China. Her words of wisdom: “Travel imparts new vigor to the mind.”

sublime china team

Name – Eric Wang (Wang Yulong)
Telephone – (+86)-571-85278319
Profile – Eric is an experienced tour guide who now works as a travel consultant. He has been in travel industry for more than 10 years. He is a good communicator and event planner. His words of wisdom: “Life is a never ending adventure, embrace it.”

sublime china team

Name – Betty Ren (Ren Jielu)
Telephone – (+86)-571-85270586
Profile –Betty is a sweet and lively lady who loves traveling very much. She has worked as a travel consultant for 2 years. Her words of wisdom: “It is better to travel ten thousand miles than to read ten thousand books.”


Name – Jonathan Yu (Yu Sijie)
Telephone – (+86)-571-85270782
Profile – Jonathan is an experienced travel consultant with over 4 years working experience in the travel industry. He is an experienced traveler himself, having traveled to many countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, USA, and beyond. His words of wisdom: “Travel around the world before getting too old.”

sublime china team

Name – Sophie Zhu (Zhu Qiuxiang)
Telephone – (+86)-571-85270580
Profile – Sophie is an experienced travel editor. Her words of wisdom: “Travel far enough, you’ll meet yourself.”


Name – Jane Lu (Lu Jingjia)
Telephone – (+86)-571-85278331
Profile – With dozens of years of experience in travel, Jane is a senior travel expert and meanwhile a professional tour guide. Words of wisdom: “Life is a great big canvas, and we should throw all the paint on it we can.”



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