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The Strangest Tourist Attractions In China

China is a land full of strange sights and sounds, especially for foreigners. While it may be a bit of a culture shock even to step foot off the plane in this country, there are tourist attractions out there that are even stranger.

Once your done taking the obligatory selfie on the Great Wall and in front of the Terracotta Warriors, head on over to one of these incredibly strange tourist attractions.

The Upside Down House

It was built as a tourist attraction in a township of Shanghai, and the Upside Down House is certainly bringing people in. The house was built from the roof up, and the inside furnishings are permanently stuck in place; upside down.

This strange home is located in the China Folk Painting Village, and guests can follow a pathway to the entrance, which is technically the upstairs window. Artists built this 2-story house which features three rooms where everything that is supposed to be on the floor is on the ceiling, and everything that is meant to be on the ceiling is on the floor.

Window of The World Theme Park

Photo Source: Business Insider
Visitors to this theme park won’t have to go very far to see the whole world. Located near the city of Shenzhen, this strange theme park is full of miniature world landmarks.

In fact, the park holds 130 reproductions of major tourist attractions that are both life-sized and miniature on its 118 acres. Just some of the things you can see include Mt. Rushmore, Basilica Di San Marco, Eiffel Tower, Sydney Harbor Bridge, Ayer’s Rock, Pyramids, Taj Mahal and much more.

The Emperor Hotel


Photo Source: Funnybuildings.com
It’s not the strangest of attractions but is certainly worth a look. Built in 2001, this hotel has ten floors, 41 suites and has a lineup of giant, Chinese gods on the exterior. If you are planning to visit Beijing, a quick visit to this hotel would be great just for the photo.



Photo Source: Dailyqi.com
This unbelievable landscape can be found in southern China. Many people who have witnessed the photos argue that the colorful scene has been photoshopped.

However, the landmark does exist and is an absolute must-see for visitors. The remarkable red tint of the land comes from naturally occurring, oxidized iron.

Sitting at 2600 feet above sea level and atop the red soil are plenty of other colors to make the whole thing picture perfect. Onlookers can catch a glimpse of the white flowers, green crops and the terraced pools that reflect it all.

Red Sea Beach

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Photo Source: Places to See in Your Lifetime 
Being part of the world’s largest wetland area isn’t the only reason that Red Sea Beach is a must-see. The colorful beach is located in Dawa County and is a show stopping crimson.

The red vegetation that grows in this area has caused the place to be compared to Mars and it kind of looks like the red planet too.

Scientists say that the plant is a variety of Chenopodium and what makes the plant unique is that it can thrive on alkaline soil.

The area is so rare that the government has stepped in to protect it, but tourists are allowed to walk alongside the attraction on designated boards.

Bund Sightseeing Tunnel

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Photo Source: Power House Museum 
This tunnel is one of the trippiest attractions in Shanghai. The creators must have thought that the journey between both sides of the Bund was in need of a little excitement because there is no other explanation for this strange experience.

The tunnel goes right under the river and is full of colorful lights, strange sounds, and music. The cart itself is clear so that passengers have a full-on view of the multimedia effects going on around them. The music seems to go along with the sights making the whole experience come together quite nicely.

Dinosaurs Fairyland

dinosaur fairyland
Photo Source: Atlas Obscura
You’ll have to travel to outer Mongolia to see this attraction, but it’s totally worth it. The small, desert town that holds this theme park offers the best backdrop for the recreated dinosaurs.

The park is packed with full-scale dinosaurs made with both real and fake bones. The creators even have the animals engaging in activities like hatching from eggs or smashing houses. What makes the place even more strange is that there is hardly anyone there visiting. If you make it all the way to outer Mongolia, there is a good chance that you will have the park all to yourself.

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