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Sunny Beach Getaways In China

The beautiful coastline that stretches out on China’s eastern side is nearly 18,000 kilometres (11,000 miles) in length, and filled with beautiful beaches that are just waiting for you to enjoy.

If you’re planning your trip to China in the summertime (or even if you’re not!) and want to find a nice beach town to relax and sink your feet into the sand, then you have no end of possibilities.  Here are our top choices for beaches in China:

Yalongwan Beach

This beautiful white sandy beach is 7.5 kilometres (4.5 miles) long, and features crystal clarity of a soft blue water. It is a perfect place to escape the winter weather, as the average temperature in January is 23o C (or 730 F).


Along with the beautiful sunny beaches that Sanya offers, there are also other things to do here that may catch your interest.  This lovely seaside town offers an idyllic golf course that is actually known to be of excellent caliber.

The greenery and lush surroundings of this area offer all that the local tourist could desire, including taking yourself off the beach and hiking up the nearby mountain.


Here is another lovely coastal town, this time down in the southern part of the Guangdong Province.  The beaches here are lovely and the sand is soft. Golden Beach, one of the best in the area, gets its name from the golden colouring of the sand.

Besides the local beaches along the coast, there are also many different islands that are spread out nearby in the sea. With easy access by ferry, these lovely spots are much less travelled by foreign tourists, leaving them nearly untouched and still full of natural beauty.

Beidaihe Beaches

Beautiful golden sand lines this area for over 13 kilometres (8 miles). The bay is a beautiful place to relax and soak up the sounds of the gentle waves. Nearby Changli Golden Beach is another fantastic beach, and is always full of different activities. If your perfect day at the beach includes beach volleyball, paragliding, football,  jet skiing, and other beach activities, then you’ve found your perfect place!

Another neat feature of this beach is the sand sculptures that are made along the beach during certain times of the year. Enjoy these temporary art shows before the sand goes back to where it came from.

Gulangyu Island

This gorgeous island has easy access by ferry, only 20 minutes from Xiamen City. It is also known as the ‘Piano Island’ because of the over 600 pianos that are on this island.  These people have a real appreciation for music.  The many natural beaches that line this island offer soft sand and rippling waves.  The crystal clear waters and blue skies are great if you’re looking to do water sports, and there are plenty of opportunities if you’re interested in sailing, surfing, or water skiing.


The island itself is also interesting to explore, with many old yet well-kept buildings that are architecturally unique and beautiful. At night, take a walk down Huandao Road and enjoy the fresh evening air.


This beach town is famous for its amazing resorts and long, fantastic beaches. The most well-known beach is called Silver Beach which stretches for a whopping 24 kilometres (15 miles).

It boasts of itself as being the best beach in China due to its extreme length, gorgeous white sand, and the tepid water bringing in lovely, easy waves. Also, there is no risk of sharks here, which is always a bonus. The tides come in at different speeds. The low tide is quicker than the high tide, but this makes the beach very safe for swimming.

Another nice feature of this town is that there is more here than just the beaches. There are also beautiful forests and lakes in the area, not to mention the many islands that dot the coast. Exploring these will give you variety and let you see the full beauty of the area.

Beach 2

Taking a few days for a beach getaway while on your trip to China is one of the best ways to relax and enjoy your vacation. Take a step outside of the bustle of travel in the cities and tourist sites and spend some calm, rejuvenating time on one of China’s many beautiful beaches.

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