Must-See Bailang Bridge Ferris Wheel, Spokeless With WiFi

Why is the Bailang Bridge Ferris Wheel important?

Because this type of design is borderline witchcraft. Someone actually re-invented the wheel? Get out of here…


The spokeless Bailang Bridge Ferris Wheel is located on the Bailang River along the 1,771ft Bailang Bridge in Weifang City, China. It’s comprised of 4,600 tons of steel; stands 145 meters tall and has a diameter of 125 meters, making it 10 meters taller than the legendary London Eye.

Sublime talk

Weifang City has a reputation of being home to the most beautiful wetlands in the province of Shandong. And thanks to the engineers at China Construction Sixth Engineering Division, it’s also now the home to the world’s tallest spokeless ferris wheel.

And at first glance to everyday folks like you and I, its unique structure may be mistaken for witchcraft. To engineers, it’s another day, another dollar. The new structure officially owns the bragging rights to being the first ferris wheel ever built with a grid design.

“The body of the ferris wheel does not rotate, instead, a built-in running gear rotates the cars around the circle.“ Said General Superintendent Sun Xuping from China Construction Sixth Engineering Division.

And hey, if design and engineer talk doesn’t fancy you, we’re sure you’ll love how it has WiFi and TV sets on-board. You know, just in case you ‘get bored’ of its striking view of Weifang City.

The Bailang Bridge Ferris Wheel features 36 carriages along its dragon-spine, all which can fit 10 passengers each, and it takes approximately 30 minutes for one rotation.

If you’re stopping by Weifang City, add this to your bucket list.

Interesting fact

In 1984 the world’s first international kite festival was held in Weifang. More than ten thousand fans came for the opening ceremonies from 11 different countries.




Source: China Construction Sixth Engineering Division

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