Lantau Island

Half-Day Glorious Lantau Island Tour

Glorious Lantau Island Tour Highlights Description Lantau Island is the biggest island in Hong Kong. It is referred to as “the lungs of Hong Kong”, due to its pristine environment, stunning natural landscape, and quaint fishing village. A popular attraction here is climbing Phoenix Mountain to watch the beautiful sunrise. It is a tranquil and […]

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Kumbum Monastery

One Day Magical Xining Highlights

Highlights of the Magical Xining tour Description Xining is home to many Islamic or Hui people in China and one of the main gateways to the famous Tibetan Plateau. While mentioning Xining, people firstly think of white clouds, blue sky, splendid Qinhai lake, great grasslands, flocks of sheep and herds of yaks etc. Coming to […]

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