There’s A Communist Theme Park In China

You read that correctly; there is a communist theme park in China.

If you know anything about China, you may be familiar with some of their strange and unusual tourist attractions.

While it may be a bit controversial, this theme park in Wuhan is definitely worth a visit if you have a sense of humor and want to see something that is just downright odd.

Planning to visit China for your next vacation? Visiting this theme park will give you plenty to talk about with your friends and family back home.


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Located in Hubei province, this theme park is dedicated to the heroes of China’s communist party past.

It opened back in September of 2015 and is situated inside the South Lake Happiness Bay Water Park. Apparently, this park is one of six that the local government plans on building to promote party ideals.

In fact, this park is considered to be the biggest communist themed park in the whole country. Throughout the park, visitors can find the stories and the faces of more than 20 party figures as well as 23 works of art that highlight significant moments in the party’s history during the period between 1921 and 2014.

Many of the events are displayed using the traditional art-form of Chinese paper cutting.


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Apparently, this “red tourism” is a big business in China and tourists often visit dressed as soldiers as they go on educational tours.

The park is divided up into four display areas that each have their own themes and offer different highlights for guests.

One of these attractions is an area where young visitors can gather to take an oath to join the Communist Youth League.

There is a children’s playground featuring cartoon-like red army soldiers. The ground here is also decorated with a map that depicts the famous Long March.

According to the park, they hope to promote important socialist values that include; justice, equality, patriotism, harmony, freedom, integrity, dedication, the rule of law, prosperity, civility, and democracy.


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While the park doesn’t feature any roller coasters or food vendors, the designers said that they hoped people of all ages could relax, sight-see and learn while visiting. The park may not be overly exciting, but it certainly will allow you to check the box on strange and unusual Chinese attractions.


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If you visit this park in Wuhan, check out some of these other attractions in the area too!

Yellow Crane Tower: This is the most popular tourist attraction in Wuhan and is also considered one of the four great towers in all of China.

Not only is the tower a beautiful example of Chinese architecture, but if you climb to the top, you will be afforded a view of the Yangtze River like no other.

You will also have a great view of the city as a reward for the climb. The tower is located within a park that in itself is a great place to wander around. There are landscaped gardens, intriguing buildings, and a tea house.


Hubei Provincial Museum: If you like history, don’t miss out on this charming museum. It is full of archaeological treasures that tell quite the tale of Hubei’s history. On display are artifacts such as pottery, clothing, jewelry, musical instruments and even human skulls.

Hubei Art Museum: Art lovers, you won’t be disappointed when visiting this museum. Wander the exhibition halls for both modern, historical and Avante-Garde works of art. There are explanations in both Chinese and English too.

Wuhan Sex Museum: The topic of sex is slightly taboo in China, making this museum a particularly interesting place to visit. The museum is small and actually only one of two sex museums in the country. Visitors here can view ancient Chinese pornography, sculptures, sex paraphernalia, fetuses in jars and sex furniture. You may want to skip this one if you are traveling with kids, but if not, definitely add this one to the itinerary.

Wuhan Botanical Garden: Established back in the 1950’s, this destination is known as one of the top botanical gardens for research in China. Wander around the gardens and greenhouses, see the tropical plants and visit the science museum.

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Jiqing Street: Save this street for when the sun goes down as this is the time when it really comes alive. There are hoards of food vendors and street-side restaurants as well as musicians, buskers, performing artists and funny routines. The food here is cheap, tasty and exudes the local culture.

While Wuhan may not be on the top of your list of places to visit in China, there is certainly a lot to do here. If you want to visit a Chinese city that is a bit off the beaten track, this may just be the perfect place!

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