Top 10 Hipster Stores in China

Top 10 Hipster Stores in China

The hipster craze seems to be happening everywhere, and China is no exception. If you’re looking for hipster stores, characterized by anything unique, environmentally friendly, and alternative, they typically carry brands that are different than the norm.

If you want to shop for the most cutting-edge swag in China, these are the top 10 hipster stores to add to your itinerary.

Meters Bonwe

Opened in the mid-nineties, this store has been one of the top places to shop for casual clothing in China. While it’s not quite as alternative as one would expect for hipster shoppers, it’s a fan favorite for people between the ages of 18 and 25.

Top 10 Hipster Stores in China

Photo Source: Jing Daily

In fact, their slogan is ‘Be Different,’ which seems to be the unwritten slogan for hipsters everywhere. The typical clothing that comes from this store includes t-shirts with graphic prints, oversized dresses for the ladies, tight jeans for the men, crop tops, and floppy hats. Even the advertisements scream ‘hipster’ as the models are all young, enviously trendy, and super edgy.


This fun store has very cheap prices and is laid out with the shopper’s experience in mind. There are cute displays of underwear, jewelry, and makeup that will make even the least enthusiastic shopper excited.

Top 10 Hipster Stores in China

Photo Source: It’s a Lovely Day

All of the clothes keep up with the latest trends, and many of the items can be considered alternative or odd. Sanfu tends to attract a younger crowd, especially of girls who fawn over the makeup and accessory section. Just shopping in Sanfu is like entertainment; you never know what you’ll find on the shelves.


This store is extremely well-known around China. It’s been around since the 1980s and sells clothing for men, women, and children.

Top 10 Hipster Stores in China

Photo Source: Aliexpress

It first came to Hong Kong and has spread to mainland China ever since.  Within the company, there are multiple brands to fit everyone’s style; even hipsters. One of their marketing campaigns, ‘Life is a Journey,’ definitely resonated with hipsters in both China and Hong Kong.

Aside from their trendy clothing, the company also is well known for their social responsibility efforts like making donations and doing volunteer work. They also advocate a work-life balance for their employees and healthy lifestyles. You can’t get any more hipster than that.


Ok, it may not be an actual store, but virtual stores are kind of in these days. Taobao is basically like China’s version of Amazon and the hipsters are loving it. It seems that hipsters love to shop online these days because they can get anything they want without leaving home. All of the latest and greatest brands can be found on Taobao, even the more obscure and alternative ones.

Deliveries are really fast too, so anyone who wants to keep up with the latest trends can have them delivered to their door pretty instantly. Hipster shoppers love that they can get their hands on items that are truly unique and often times can’t be found in the stores.


While this store isn’t a Chinese brand, it is definitely a hipster hot spot for shopping. Zara is a clothing retailer that originated in Spain but that has become extremely popular with young people all over Europe and Asia.

Top 10 Hipster Stores in China

Photo Source: Zara

The youth of China love Zara, which is why these stores have popped up all over the country. The style is a blend between sophisticated and trendy, which is something that the hipsters flock to. The clothes at Zara allow them to look put-together, yet trendy and in the fashion know.

When it comes to Chinese street fashion, many of the best looks come from the racks of Zara. Plus, hipsters love to be trendy, and what could be trendier than wearing the latest styles from Europe?


There is a similar story behind the popularity of H&M in China. The Chinese youth love to wear looks that came straight from the European fashion scene. These stores can be found all over China and they have a more edgier side to them than Zara. Hipsters often flock to H&M to get outfits for a flashy night on the town, or a day out in Shanghai to sightsee in style. Their accessories are especially tempting for hipsters who love to add a little flare to their daily outfits.


This is yet another online shopping haven for hipsters. It’s similar to Taobao, making it easy to order trendy clothes online. Hipsters can find anything from trendy and alternative to downright whacky, weird, and wonderful on Alibaba. It’s kind of the hipster thing to do to say that they bought their clothes online instead of in a store anyway.


This stores hails from Japan and has become extremely popular with hipsters all over China. Japanese fashion is seen as one of the trendiest and forward thinking in the world, which is why Chinese fashion lovers can’t wait to get their hands on it.

Top 10 Hipster Stores in China

Photo Source: Uniqlo

If you’re visiting China, you will probably see a Uniqlo in every major city. These stores sell clothing that is pretty toned down and plain, but these items work perfectly as an outfit base. Many times, people will take a simple Uniqlo outfit and pair it was some pretty wild accessories from other stores to really make it their own.


 This Dutch fashion chain is all the rage in China. The hipster shoppers love to buy clothes that came from Europe because it makes them seem trendy. The clothes here are a bit more casual than Zara and H&M but similar in style to Uniqlo. For hipsters who like the comfortable, yet stylish look, C&A is a definite win.

Superga Spin Shop

This store might be the most hipster out of the whole bunch. They sell women’s shoes in all different styles. A favorite though are the platform sneakers! They kind of look like something the Spice Girls would wear, and they are definitely coming back into fashion. The brand comes from Italy which gives it extra cool points for Chinese shoppers. If you happen to be in Hong Kong, the Superga shop there often puts on a ‘spin’ where customers can cover their shoes in paint for a signature, and hipster look.


If you happen to be visiting China, and you want to do some shopping for the latest trends, check out these hipster hot spots. Even if you don’t buy anything, you’ll have fun watching the most fashionable group of people in China do their shopping.

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