Top 10 Tours In China For The Adventure Junkie

Does adventure speak to you? Does it ignite your soul? If you’re traveling to China in the first place, adventure is surely your thing.  China doesn’t disappoint with its lineup of activities, but not all of its offerings are adventurous. If you are truly an adventure junkie, and you want to see China according to that niche, here are the top 10 tours you really should check out.

Trekking The Great Wall

Almost all visitors to China see The Great Wall. However, not all of them see it in a way that gets their adventurous spirits grooving. So, to get the perfect combination, an adventure junkie can take a multi-day trekking tour on the wall.

While it may seem pretty straight forward, a walk on the wall is no easy feat. In fact, many areas are crumbling, causing trekkers to take care and engage in some serious climbing that involves more than just their feet. You can wander around the different areas of this world famous site, stop off at archeological digs, and significant ruins too.

Cycling Tour in Guilin

Outdoor enthusiasts are going to love a cycling tour in China, especially one in Guilin. This area is known for looking like a Chinese painting; full of rice paddies, a winding river, and karst towers that share the skyline with mountain peaks.

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A cycling tour in Guilin will take visitors through the scenery, making sure to stop off at local fishing villages, terraced rice fields, wooden buildings and bridges, and tea plantations. Be prepared to mingle with locals and taste the ethnic cuisine of the area too.

The Silk Road

The Silk Road was the trading route that went from Asia to Europe and was characterized by colorful caravans, outlaws, camels, bustling bazaars, and exotic souvenirs.

It’s steeped in historical significance and represents the essence of adventure from earlier days. Now, the route can be followed for a chance to relive history while checking out some of China’s top cities and gorgeous natural sites. Visitors can expect to see Beijing, Xi’an, temples, monasteries, Magao Caves, Heaven’s Lake, and Kashgar markets.

Tibet & Mount Everest

A visit to Mount Everest is on the bucket lists of most adventurers. And how could it not be? It’s the epicenter of adrenalin, culture, and incredible natural landscapes. Head to Tibet and spend some time in Lhasa to explore monasteries, markets, and temples.

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Then, make sure to check out the Kharta Valley, Kangshung Face Base Camp, Rongphu, and Shigatse.

Fujian Tour

Located in the southeastern part of China, Fujian is a province with a whole lot of adventure. Start in Xiamen where you can go kiteboarding and then make your way to Wuyishan for a bamboo raft ride and some hiking around the tea fields.

When you finish up with the outdoor activities, head to the Hakka Huts to tour the traditional round houses and eat some locally made cuisine.

Mountain Biking in Yunnan

China is mountainous, and the best way to get into the hills is by mountain bike. The mountain biking trails in Yunnan can be quite challenging and can be tackled over a multi-day tour.

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The terrain is varied, and some days you could be cycling across cobblestone streets while others days are spent conquering sheer mountain faces, and dirt roads. The sites you’ll catch from your bike are quite incredible too.

Cyclists can get a glimpse of Jade Dragon Mountain, Tiger Leaping Gorge, Bailongtan natural spring, and local ethnic villages.

Hebei Skiing

Wanlong resort is probably the best place in China for an adventure tour coupled with the snow. While it doesn’t compare very well with the world’s top resorts in the Rockies or the Alps, Hebei certainly offers the best ski adventures in China.

Those looking for a ski adventure can test out the 18 different slopes, most of which have some pretty epic powder. The Jade Dragon piste reaches 2,500 meters and is one of the most challenging, although the resort has smaller slopes for beginners. Don’t forget to test out the pipes, air ramps, and grinds that are set up in the snow park.

And, since the resort is capable of making their own snow, you won’t have to worry about coming during a time where there is nothing to ride on.

Biking The Xi’an City Walls

Built back during the Ming Dynasty, the ancient city walls of Xi’an stretch around the historic center for about eight and a half miles. It would take you half a day to walk around the city walls, so the best way to see them is by bike.

Standing at 40 feet in height, a cycling adventure on the walls will give you the best views of the city, markets, towers, and people. It will probably only take around 2 hours to bike the whole thing, but you can make frequent stops to check out the city sites.

Inner Mongolia Tour

This northern region of China is not often visited by the typical tourist. If you want some real adventure, Inner Mongolia is the province to explore. Follow the trails of Genghis Khan and explore the vast grasslands on horseback or by hiking.

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Spend the night sleeping in a traditional Mongolian yurt, and dine on some serious Mongolian cuisine with the locals. The landscape and culture of Inner Mongolia are vastly different from anything else you’ll see in mainland China. It’s worth an adventure just for the natural scenery alone.

A Culinary Adventure

China is known for its vastly unique cuisine. A true adventurer couldn’t leave the country without properly exploring the food scene. Try out the strange street eats in the markets of Beijing where you can taste fried scorpion, spiders, and starfish.

Then, head to Sichuan province to try hot pot and a whole array of spicy dishes that have become hugely popular all around China. The food in Hunan is renowned for its flavor, and Xi’an is home to the Muslim Quarter where you can taste test some seriously delicious soups. Try to make it to Lanzhou as well if you want to try some of the best hand-pulled noodles in the country.

And, whatever city you choose to stay in the longest, make sure to sign up for a cooking class if you can!

If you’re an adventure junkie and you haven’t thought about visiting China, it’s time to think again. The country is huge, and while it’s full of history and natural scenery, it’s also an epicenter for adventure. You never know what you can get up to on a visit her

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