Top 20 Best Restaurants in Guangdong

Home to two of China’s tier 1 mega cities, Guangdong is a province unlike any other in the largest country on this planet. Moreover, it’s just a boat ride away from Hong Kong and Macau. If you’re looking to find some of the best restaurants in Guangdong, maybe even China, continue reading.

Chinese dishes

Guangdong food tastes uniquely sweet. In fact, it’s probably the most easily recognizable Chinese food, owing to a lot of Cantonese people who have moved overseas and set up restaurants abroad. If you’ve eaten sweet and sour Chinese dishes overseas, then you’ve probably tried something that was at least based on a Guangdong dish. Because of this, Guangdong food – for many around the world – is the best Chinese food you can get your hands on.  Here’s a list of 20 of the best restaurants in Guangdong for you to try it at its source.


The capital of Guangdong, this bustling, populous city is definitely home to some of the best restaurants in Guangdong. Expect extreme heat in the summer months, with high humidity. Head into one of the city’s many eateries to enjoy what locals often boast as being the most important food in China’s history.

Panxi Restaurant

Right next to Liwan Lake, this restaurant is one of a few garden-style restaurants left in Guangdong’s capital. The restaurant offers a complete traditional experience, but make sure to book before showing up, or you’re going to be waiting a long time.

Panxi Restaurant, 151 Longjin West Road, Liwan Park, Guangzhou

Tang Yuan

Named after a sweet tasting steamed bun which is a popular snack in China, Tang Yuan is known for its grandiose decoration and high-class cuisine. If you really want to have an immersive dining experience, you can head out on one of their spectacular dinner boats for the evening.

Various dim sum

Tang Yuan Restaurant, Liuhuahu Park, Renmin North Road, Guangzhou

Le Lutece

The Canton tower is amazing to look at, but it’s even better to eat inside of! Le Lutece is located on the 105th floor of the incredibly tall tower. Head up there and try some of the latest culinary delights offered by chef Philippe Uzan, one of the best French chefs in the world.

Le Lutece, Canton Tower, 222 Yuejiang West Road, Haizhu, Guangzhou

Jiang by Chef Fei

Hidden away in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel (well not hidden, but nicely situated), this high-brow eatery serves some of the finest Chinese food in the city. Definitely one of the best restaurants in Guangdong if you’re looking for serious Chinese food.

Oriental dish

Jiang by Chef Fei, 3rd Floor, Mandarin Oriental, 389 Tianhe Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou


It might be small, but there’s a reason it’s so popular. The restaurant is located in a beautiful Villa which was restored fairly recently. Check out the rooftop for an extra special dining experience.

62 Zhusigang 2nd Rd, DongShanKou, Yuexiu Qu, Guangzhou Shi, Guangdong


Most locals don’t even know about this joint, but it’s certainly worth the visit. Hidden amongst businesses in the Tianhe district, expect to find yourself surrounded by South American cuisine unlike any other you could try in China. It’s not traditional Chinese, but it’s one of the best restaurants in Guangdong, that’s for sure.

13Factories, 7 Tianhe N street, Tianhe, Guangzhou

Taotao Ju Restaurant

Having started in the 1880’s, Taotao Ju is one of the oldest and best restaurants in Guangdong. It’s always packed to bursting point and is particularly well known for its Dim sum.

Dim sum China

Taotao Ju Restaurant, 20 Dishifu Road, Liwan, Guangzhou

Dim Dou Dak

Another restaurant which is famous for its Dim Sum. The brand has 13 different branches throughout Guangzhou, so there’s like to be one near to where you’re staying. There is one near to Beijing lu; a famous street shopping and snack food area. After you’ve finished eating, you can always head for a stroll down this street to have an after dinner snack.

470 Hui Fu Dong Lu, Guangzhou

Guang Dong Dao Restaurant

A place with some brilliant ambiance, and which your Instagram will love (if you have one). The food is pretty good too, with a range of different Cantonese treats on sale.

YunCheng East Road 509, WanDa Plaza ZongHe Building 3 Floor 358, Guangzhou

Biao Mei Restaurant

Meaning female cousin in Chinese, this restaurant has aimed to become of the cutest and best restaurants in Guangdong you’ll have ever seen. You’ll even feel guilty eating the cute portions.


TianHe District Tian He NanEr Road 19-21 Hong Fa Mansion, Guangzhou


The other tier 1 city in Guangdong. It has been known as the international garden city. Once a small fishing village, the area has boomed in prosperity – and great tasting restaurants. Whilst the city isn’t as populous as Guangzhou, you can still expect to find some of the best restaurants in Guangdong here.

Lao Yuanzi

Known as the best Sichuan restaurant in Shenzhen, the food here is spicy and succulent.

W Ring Rd, BuJiZhen, Longgang Qu, Shenzhen Shi, Guangdong Sheng


Beijing is famous for Peking duck, but so is Guiyou in Shenzhen. Head here for a chance to try the country’s iconic food.

Chinese duck dish

HaiDe 3rd Avenue 38, BinHaiZhiChuang 1 Floor, Shenzhen


A Hong Kong style restaurant, just a hop and skip (well, a boat ride actually) away from Hong Kong. Great atmosphere and greater food.

Guangdong, Shenzhen Shi, Futian Qu, BaGua ShiJie, Bagua 1st Rd

Huayuan Jiaozi

A dumpling restaurant well-known in Shenzhen. One of the best restaurants in Guangdong for dumplings, so you should try to stop by.

XiangMei Road 718, ShuiXie HuaDu HuiSuo, Shenzhen, Guangdong

Jinyue Xuan Cantonese Dim Sum

Guess what this establishment deals in? If you said Dim sum, you’d be right! You’ll also find seafood available in this elegant restaurant.

Shen Nan Avenue 6013, ZhongGuoYouSe Mansion 1-4 Floor, Shenzhen

Yunlaiju Dongmen Branch

If you’re a vegetarian in China, it can be hard to find some quality food. If you’re in Shenzhen though, no worries! Head to Yunlaiju, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by non-meat food stuff ready to fill your stomach. Even if you’re not a vegetarian, this place might just be worth the visit.

Floor 4, Dongmen Ding Square, Dongmen Yongxin Street, Luohu District, Shenzhen

Tai Wing Wah

A restaurant with a Michelin Star, don’t expect it to be the cheapest in the city (nor have the largest portions). However, the restaurant is an incredible experience and one you should give a go (at least if you haven’t been to a Michelin restaurant before).

2/F Koon Wong Mansion, 2-6 On Ning Road, Yuen Long, Hong Kong nil, China

Brotzeit German Restaurant

A lovely German restaurant and bar which offers some great overseas food for those making a trip to the International Garden city.

Pork barbeque

Shop No. 104, CocoPark, Fuhua 3rd Road, Futian, Shenzhen


Offers some brilliant Italian cuisine and is probably one of the best restaurants in Guangdong if you’re looking for foreign food.

Hopping Park B, Zhongxin 2nd Road, Futian District | West of Bar Street, Sea World Square, Shekou District, Shenzhen, China

Paletto Italian Restaurant

Another Italian restaurant in Shenzhen. Often competing with Shark for top place, Paletto is definitely a restaurant worthy of being called luxury.

16 Fuhua 3rd Rd, FuTian CBD, Futian, Shenzhen

Which one sounds best to you?

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