Top 5 China Festival Tours To Explore China’s Phenomenal Culture

As one of Earth’s oldest continuous civilizations, China has an expansive history spanning 5,000 years. Coupled with a population of over 1.3 billion people, it is a nation blessed with multitudinous cultural components. Here are the top 5 China festival tours to explore China’s phenomenal culture.

One-Day Longqingxia Ice Lantern Festival

On this incredible China festival tour, you will have the opportunity to discover the world-renowned Ice Lantern Festival in Longqing Gorge. Located about 53 miles (85 kilometers) from Beijing, this festival is held from mid-January to the beginning of March each year. The Longqing Gorge Ice Lantern Festival showcases three separate elements, which include ice carving, snow sculptures, and of course, ice lanterns. During this annual extravaganza, visitors will discover over 350 ice lanterns, 250 ice carvings, 60 snow sculptures, 200 groups of colorful lanterns, and 300 tree lanterns, amongst other things.

The venue for the festival is a narrow valley in the Longqing Gorge Scenic Area, spanning roughly 15km wide in the northeast section of Yanqing County. Each year, the ice lantern festival explores a different theme.

One-Day Guangzhou Dragon Boat Racing Tour

The beautiful city of Guangzhou is the third-largest city in China with a population of over 14 million people, and industrial and commercial capital. This metropolis has a rich history spanning over 2,200 years, and in ancient times was a major trading stop on the famous Silk Road.

On this festival tour of China, you will have the chance to discover the spectacular city of Guangzhou, including its world-famous Dragon Boat Festival. Dragon boat racing is a traditional cultural event in China. Held each year on the Pearl River in June, the Dragon Boat Festival in Guangzhou is considered one of the preeminent events of this cultural component.

One-Day Tianjin Tour

On this China festival tour, not only will you explore the crown jewel of northern China that is Tianjin, but you will also enjoy the famous folk culture festival in the area. Tianjin is the largest coastal city in northern China, and the world’s sixth most populous city proper. The metropolis is one of four municipalities directly under the Central Government of China, which also include BeijingShanghai, and Chongqing.

Amongst other activities, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the Yangliuqing Folk Culture Festival, located in the town of Yangliuqing, just outside of Tianjin. This festival is famous for showcasing traditional Chinese folk art especially exquisitely carved woodblock paintings that are made to commemorate Chinese New Year.

13-Day Fantastic Monlam Festival, Beijing, Xi’an, Lanzhou, and Shanghai Tour

This incredible China festival tour pulls out all the stops, including giving you the extraordinary opportunity to experience the important event of Tibetans in the south of Gansu province – the world-famous Monlam Prayer Festival. The first Monlam Prayer Festival was held in 1409 by Tsong Khapa, the founder of the Gelug School of Tibetan Buddhism, to worship Buddha Sakyamuni. Thereafter, it has become an important festival for all Tibetan monasteries.

During the festival at Labrang Monastery, monks gather together to chant prayers and perform religious rituals. In addition, a gigantic Buddha thangka (scroll painting) is unfolded for all to behold. It is a spectacular sight that is definitely a must-see event. Labrang Monastery is one of the six great monasteries of the Gelug School of Tibetan Buddhism. Founded in 1709, the monastery contains 18 halls, six institutes of learning, a gilded stupa, a sutra debate area, and houses nearly 60,000 sutras. At one period, thousands of monks lived within the monastery complex.

2-Day Stunning Luoping County Tour

On this festival tour of China, you will have the amazing opportunity to experience the world-famous Luoping International Rape Flower Festival. Held each year, betwixt February to mid-March hundreds of hectares of fields come alive with a vast sea of yellow rape flower blossoms. This extraordinary transformation of the landscape occurs in the early spring season. The area of Luoping County is one of the few places in all of China where the rape flowers blossom so early.

The International Rape Flower Festival in Luoping was founded in 1999 and has been an enormously popular event in Yunnan province. Numerous fascinating activities occur during this festival, in addition to many traditional performances from local ethnic minority people.

Recommended China Festival Tours

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1 Day Dragon Boat Racing Tour In Beautiful Guangzhou

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13-Day Fantastic Monlam Festival, Beijing, Xi’an, Lanzhou, and Shanghai Tour

A once-in-a-lifetime experience to the great event of Tibetans in the South of Gansu Province: the Monlam Festival. The first Monlam Festival was held in 1409 by Tsong Khapa, the founder of Gelug School (Gelugpa), to worship Buddha Sakyamuni. Since then, it has become a common festival for all Tibetan monasteries.

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