Top 5 Fascinating Attractions To Visit When On Your Magnificent Private Guagzhou Tour

Spectacular Guangzhou, formerly known as Canton, is the capital of China’s Guangdong Province. This wonderful metropolis is the third-largest city in the country, next to Beijing and Shanghai. Guangzhou has an expansive history of more than 2,200 years. Here are the top 5 fascinating attractions to visit when on your magnificent private Guangzhou tour.

Yuexiu Park

Located in downtown Guangzhou, Yuexiu Park is the largest of its kind in the city. This beautiful park has everything from a stadium and amusement park, to swimming pools and an open-air dance floor all covering an area of 212.5 acres. There are even three artificial lakes, Dongxiu, Beixiu, and Nanxiu are connected with bridges and designed in classic Lingnan-style architecture.

There are numerous highlights in Yuexiu Park. One of the main highlights is Zhenhai Tower, which houses the Guangzhou Museum, exploring the city’s 2,000-year history. At the time of its construction in 1380, it was the tallest building in Guangzhou.

Sitting on the grounds of what was once the old walled city, Yuexiu Park offers so many things for all ages. One of the many attractions at the park is the Five-Rams sculpture and has become a symbol of the city. According to local legend, more than 2000 years ago, the city was a wasteland suffering through a famine. One day, five immortals rode into Guangzhou on five rams, each with sheaves of rice in its mouth. The immortals taught the inhabitants how to grow rice, blessed the city, and subsequently, the five rams turned to stone. The famine ended and Guangzhou became prosperous. Henceforth, the city was also known as “The City of Rams”.

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Western Han Nanyue King’s Tomb Museum

Housing the 2,000-year-old-tomb of the second ruler of the Nanyue kingdom, Zhao Mo, is the Western Han Nanyue King’s Tomb Museum. In 1996, the Chinese government deemed the tomb and museum to be a Major National Historical Site.

In 1983, the tomb of Zhao Mo was discovered during the construction of a hotel. Zhao Mo (137 BCE to 122 BCE) was the second ruler of the Nanyue kingdom. Nanyue (or Nam Viet) was an ancient kingdom that incorporated portions of northern Vietnam, and the present-day Chinese provinces of Yunnan, Guangxi, and Guangdong.

Opened to the public in 1988, the museum complex contains over a thousand bronzeware, terra cotta and cultural artifacts showcasing the Nanyue culture. It is a sprawling 14,000 square meters, with the tomb of Zhao Mo being situated 20 meters (65.6 feet) underground. The overall layout of the Western Han Nanyue King’s Tomb Museum is centered on the tomb. This was also the first tomb every discovered from the early Western Han dynasty, that includes frescos on its walls.

Canton Tower

 Soaring 610 meters into the heavens, Canton Tower is one of the tallest buildings in the world. With an observation deck located at 433-meters, the tower offers stunning panoramic views of Guangzhou. There are no offices or residences, rather Canton Tower is dedicated to entertainment, with rides, restaurants, and much more.

Canton Tower is the fourth tallest free-standing structure on Earth. Its Mega Drop free-fall ride is the highest in the world, and only for the very brave. This tower also offers numerous open-air or enclosed observation decks. In addition, the tower also includes Bubble Tram, Glass Skywalk, and Spider Walk, which is a flight of spiral stairs on the outside of the building between the 33rd and 66th floors.

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Chen Clan Family Mansion

Built in the late 19th century by 72 Chen clans, the Chen Clan Family Mansion served as an academic temple. Today, the complex houses a large collection of folk art, in addition to the Guangdong Folk Art Museum.

Construction on the mansion complex began in 1890 and was completed four years later. Covering a total area of over 13,000 square meters, Chen Clan Family Mansion consists of 19 buildings with nine halls and six courtyards. The three main buildings comprising the complex include the Main Entrance, the Gathering Hall, and the Rear Hall – all separated by courtyards.

In 1988, the Chen Clan Family Mansion was added to the list of “Cultural Relics of National Importance under the Protection of the State”. It epitomizes the traditional Qing dynasty architectural style.

Baiyun Mountain

For a bit of respite from the bustle of the city, Baiyun Mountain is a sensational oasis of natural beauty. Located about 17 km north of Guangzhou, the area is comprised of six scenic areas, totaling about 28 square km. Throughout the extent of Baiyun Mountain, there are actually 30 different peaks. On Moxing Ridge, visitors can enjoy an awe-inspiring panoramic view of the surrounding region, including cityscapes and the Pearl River.

The six scenic areas that encompass Baiyun Mountain include Bright Pearl Park, Summit Park, Bird Spring Valley Park, Luhu Park, Santailing Park, and Fei’eling Park.

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