Top 5 Instagram-Worthy Cafes in Shanghai

What’s the point of going to a cafe if you can’t get a good Instagram photo out of it?

Shanghai has one of the most beautiful skylines, but the city also has lots of great places for food from anywhere in the world, coffee, and interior decor!

Here are a few of the most instagrammable cafes in Shanghai!

1.The Press

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Tile flooring and Latte art, what else do you need in a great instagram photo! The press has an old shanghai feel with a modern twist. Every corner is picture perfect!

2. Aunn Café & Co

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The monochrome colors of this minimalistic café is great for clean and crisp insta pictures. The first level is bright and great for flatlays, while the stairs up towards the second level give you a great aerial view of the table downstairs. They also have awesome take out cups!

3. Mellower Coffee

No. Words. Needed. Just look at that beautiful cotton candy coffee.

4. Glass House

This cafe has one of the most picturesque food ever! The interior is like a green house; plants all over one wall, the light birch wood, and like the  name suggests a wall that is completely made of glass.


There are a few locations for Wagas all over Shanghai, but they all share a similar design of wood tables and lighting. They have great western style dishes and are a great brunch/lunch insta!


Let me know if there are any great places I missed!

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