Top 5 Rock Climbing Spots in China

China’s landscapes are incredibly varied and diverse. From the Rice terraces of the south to the vast deserts of the north, there’s no shortage of different environments to act as your adrenaline sandbox. For those who want to go rock climbing, it is no exception. China’s rocky and craggy environments offer some great places to pull up and start your climbing adventure.

China's landscape

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, there are options out there for everyone. To help you out, Cez and Agness have put together a short overview of the 5 best places in China to go Rock climbing.

Yangshuo County near Guilin

Arguably the most popular rock climbing destination in China, Yangshuo shouldn’t be missed. This world class destination offers over 500 different climbs, with 40 different crags, of varying difficulty. The magnificent Karst rock formations in the area also mean that it’s likely the mountainous zone will continue to be developed. Some of the crags are incredibly iconic and indicative of rock climbing in Asia. There are also views here, which are almost incomparable.

Guilin's scenery

Guilin is also the perfect setting for such an activity, with incredible Karst rock formations and a whole lot of traditional Chinese history and culture. Rising from the depths of the forested canopies, the mountainous terrain looks as though it belongs in a movie about ancient China.

Yangshuo river, Guilin

Yangshou is 60 km south of Guilin in the province of Guanxi. While you’re here, stay at least one day in Guilin to experience the culture. When you’re ready to head rock climbing, simply take a bus from the Guilin Coach Station to Yangshuo. Expect the journey to take around an hour and a half from Guilin.

The Miyun White River Valley near Beijing

In the north of China, the White River Valley near Beijing is known as one of the two best rock climbing places in China. Many people travel here from the north of China and spend a weekend climbing around the area. Most of the best hills are located around Jiangjiafen Village, which is about 110 km from Beijing.

There are almost one hundred different routes to choose from, each of which appeals to a different difficulty level. Much of the area has now been developed, to ensure it’s completely safe for newbies and experts alike. The rock type here is brilliant for climbing because it’s clean, and there are few loose rocks to complicate things. It’s easy to access by taking bus 980 (from the Dongzhimen Bus Station to Miyun Gulou, and then moving onwards via private car to the previously mentioned Jiangjiafen Village.

Laoshan Mountain in Qingdao

Elsewhere in the north, Mount Loa is famous for its incredible cloud seas. If you climb to the top and it’s a good day for it, you can see the clouds extend the right to the horizon. The mountain is regarded as the most prominent mountain of all mountains along China’s coast, meaning that they’ve made sure to cater to many different types of visitor. Don’t expect just mountain climbers. Besides its incredible views, the mountain’s rock climbing routes are perfect for amateur and expert rock climbers.

Laoshan Mountain

Located 20 km east of central Qingdao (you might recognize the name from the beer), it’s said that the first Qin dynasty emperor one explored the area in search for elixirs, believing that such a magnificent place was sure to hide something.

Qingdao itself is famous for the Qingdao brewery (also known as Tsingtao). Apart from that though, the city is a great seaside locale, with a lot to see and do, especially if you like the water. You might enjoy rock climbing around Qingdao’s coasts, although you should make sure you’re careful while out there. Also known as bouldering, Qingdao’s coasts have quickly become a favorite destination for climbers from around the world.

Baiyun Mountain in Guangzhou

Back towards the south, and just over the water from Hong Kong, Guangzhou stands as one of China’s tier 1 mega-cities. However, travel towards the Baiyun scenic spot, and you can take part in one of the area’s more natural activities: rock climbing. The area offers three different granite surfaces for climbing to the top, with a great view of the city to greet you as your reward. The area is much more suited for expert (or at least experienced) climbers, as opposed to beginners, but it’s still a climb which shouldn’t be missed.

Mountains in Guangzhou

Guangzhou itself is a great place to visit, with one of the tallest buildings in the world: The Canton Tower. If you’re a fan of heights and want to get even higher than the Baiyun Mountain lets you head to the Canton tower to reach a max elevation of 488 m in the rooftop elevation tower.

Since the area is so close to the city, it’s hugely popular on the weekend, when the locals have time off work. If you really want to enjoy Baiyun mountain and avoid the crowds, it’s advisable to head here during a weekday and avoid any holidays. It’s very easy to access by taking the Metro Line 3 to the Baiyun Mountain stop. Of course, travel in China is pretty cheap, so you can just take a taxi. Just make sure that the driver starts the meter as soon as you start moving.

Fumin in Kunming

Kunming is located in Yunnan. Yunnan is known as a paradise in China. The weather is incredibly nice, clear, not too warm, and not too cold. It’s a brilliant getaway, and many Chinese people will head here on holiday during the sweltering summer months, or the cold winters. The weather also means that it makes for one of the country’s best rock climbing locations: Fumin particularly. The weather and views being so incredible, you’ll find yourself entirely immersed in this rock climbing locale.


Fumin has over one hundred climbing routes, no waiting queues, no bars, and no crowds. The lines cater to climbers of all levels – including professionals – and have been developed to ensure safety and security. To get to Fushan, there are buses from Kunming Northwest bus station from 7:10 am to 8:30 pm every day.

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