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The Top 6 Places To See Graffiti Art In China

Graffiti has gotten a bad rap over the years. As it seemed to be the defining mark of a bad neighborhood, awash with shady characters and crime, its reputation has now taken a turn for the better. With communities and tourists realizing that these works of graffiti are also works of art, more people have begun to appreciate them and actually seek them out while traveling to new cities. If you want to see unique graffiti art while traveling around China, check out these top 6 places.

#1 798 Art Zone: Beijing

This well known art zone in Beijing covers an area of 0.6 square kilometers situated around Jiuxianqiao road in the west, Beijing-Baotou railway in the east, Jiuxianqiao road in the north and Jiangtai road in the south. Since the 1950s, this area has slowly become filled with art galleries, studios, fashion boutiques and companies with an emphasis on culture.

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These days, it’s still filled with art but also trendy bars, restaurants and international organizations. The area is also known for holding art festivals and exhibits as well as being a hub for graffiti art. Visitors can grab a map and walk around the art zone to see walls lined with street art.


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#2 The “Wall of Fame”: Beijing

Located on Jingmi Lu, the area that runs from the centre of the city to the airport, the Wall of Fame is a well-known strip of art where most of the city’s prominent artists have tagged at least once. Running along the east side of the road, visitors can begin to see the murals just after the south end of Dashan Bridge. Just a 30 minute walk along the wall can reveal upwards of 100 different pieces from well-known artists. In fact, this wall has been called by some, the biggest graffiti wall in all of Asia.

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#3 The Hutongs: Beijing

Also known as the Gulou District, this antiquated sect of Beijing is well known by locals and much visited by tourists. The houses there still remain in their old style with outdoor courtyards and typically no bathroom. While many residents still live in these homes, the Hutongs these days have turned into a labyrinth of trendy bars, restaurants and shops. Fitting right in with the alternative vibe and look is a scattering of graffiti art around the area.  Just wander around the Hutongs to get a peak at full blown murals or a tiny little piece of artwork in the most obscure places.

#4 Moganshan Road: Shanghai

An arts district right outside the main city center, Moganshan Road is the place to go if you want to see what the local graffiti artists are up to. Starting from the corner of Moganshan and Changhua roads, walk east down Moganshan to see walls of murals and quirky stencils. The area itself is full of art galleries and installations that can be visited in between looking at what the streets have to offer first. Everything from classical and modern art to pop and crafts can be found both in the stores and out.

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#5 Wuliuxiang Alley: Hangzhou

Located amongst a neighborhood of old houses by the Donghe River in Hangzhou is an alley that has been transformed into a street themed on love and art. Otherwise known as Miss5, the alley serves as a way for people to express themselves by writing a blessing and is said to have around 6 different themes, all based around romantic relationships. Because the artists here have stuck to a theme, the murals work together to tell a story about love.


Source: ChinaDaily

#6 Huangjueping Graffiti Street: Chonqing

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Situated in the Huangjueping section of Jiulongpo district in Chongqing is China’s and allegedly the world’s largest graffiti wall. Through the efforts of more than 800 painters, artists and students plus more than 12 tons of paint, this set of nearly 40 buildings has been transformed. Now, the old district of Chongqing is not just an interesting place to visit for its historical significance, but also for its modern take on art and culture. China is filled with natural and historical sites, but if you want to really dig deep into what is going on with the modern citizens, check out these art displays that live amongst the streets.

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