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Top 9 Things To See & Do When Visiting Wuyishan

Located in the southeastern province of Fujian, Wuyishan is a mountain town with a lot to offer.

Not only is it characterized by its beauty, but also by its distinct culture surrounding tea. Some of the country’s oldest tea bushes are still alive and well here and “Da Hong Pao,” is the most renowned tea in the area.

It’s so popular in fact that there is an entire theatrical performance dedicated to it. Wuyishan is a bit off the beaten track, but there is plenty there to keep you busy. If you decide to make the trip here is what you should see and do.

A Tea Tasting

Tea shops line the streets here so make sure to take advantage of it and make a stop. You may not be able to communicate with the sales clerk but let them show you a proper tea ceremony, sit back and enjoy. You will most likely be able to get some “Da Hong Pao” but be open to the other options too.

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See The Tea Show

Taking place in the evening, this well-known performance tells the story of “Da Hong Pao” tea and how it came to be so significant and well-loved.

The show features experienced dancers, acrobatics, and actors who dress in extravagant costumes while singing and moving about the various stages. Also incorporated in the performance is a detailed light show, 3-D visuals and an offering of tea.

tea show

Cruise The River

Part of the stunning scenery is the 9 Bend River. Aside from just looking at it in the distance, visitors can spend some time cruising through the scene. Hop on a bamboo raft and let the captain take you on a little journey.

The views are fantastic, and if you look up into the mountains, you can see a couple of hanging coffins that have been wedged between the rocks for thousands of years.

Climb The Peaks

Climbing into the mountain peaks is the best way to get the most sought after views. The climbs are not typically too difficult, and there are plenty of places to stop off and enjoy the lookouts.

Heavenly Tour Peak, Horse Head Rock, and Tiger Roaring Rock are some points of interest that will yield some of the best views around.

Shop For Tea

After spending some time tasting the different teas that the area has to offer, it may be time to start thinking about purchasing your own.

There are plenty of shops around town and tea from a destination so saturated in it makes for a fantastic souvenir. “Da Hong Pao” is the most well-known tea in China and is the perfect souvenir to help you remember your trip.

Source: Bornrich.com

Source: Bornrich.com

Taste The Tea Eggs

OK, they may sound a little strange at first, but tea eggs are one of the top snacks to eat around southern China, especially in Wuyishan.

You can see them in most restaurants and at vendor stalls, cooking away in a crock pot filled with brown water. These eggs are essentially hard boiled in tea giving them a unique flavor and a darker color than a typical egg.

A bit saltier than usual, these tea eggs are a truly unique snack.

tea eggs

Search For Antiques

While it wouldn’t seem like it at first, Wuyishan is quite the place for antique shopping. Whether these items are actually antiques or not it’s hard to say, but they certainly look the part.

Take some time to stroll through the streets, wander in and out of the shops and haggle your way to some pretty unique and beautiful items to take home as souvenirs.

See Ancient Buildings

Just outside the city of Wuyi are the old buildings of Xiamei village. They date back to the Ming and Qing Dynasties during which the village was a significant hub for tea production.

Stroll around, admire the buildings and let them take you back in time to earlier days.

Visit The Wufu Village

Another display of ancient architecture, Wufu village is most well known for being the home of Zhu Xi, a Confucian scholar who lived during the Song Dynasty.

The village itself is beautiful as it is surrounded by lotus flowers and ponds, giving the architecture a lovely backdrop.

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