The Top Cat Cafes To Visit In China

I’m not sure if you know this already, but Asia is known for its cat cafes. Seriously, cat lovers, get ready because China has plenty of these establishments located throughout its cities.

If you’re freaking out a bit, don’t worry, these aren’t the kind of cafes where cats are on the menu.

You may find some cats on the menu in these places because anyone who knows cats, knows that they love to lay on things that we are hoping to read!

Cat cafes in China are typically little, adorable establishments that look just like any other café, except, there are plenty of cute kitties roaming around.

These places usually save cats and kittens from shelters, take care of their medical needs, and give them a place to live, with plenty of customers who are willing to play with them.

Guests in these cafes can order drinks, cakes, snacks and coffee while reading, listening to music and stroking a cat who happened to crawl into their laps.

If you love felines or just want to experience something a little different, here are the top cat cafes to visit around China.

Cat Tales Café: Beijing

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Photo Source: Time Out Beijing

This café has a whole range of exotic breeds like Bengal and Burmilla.

Sometimes you can spot a litter of kittens roaming around and other times the cats can be seen hanging out on the shelves.

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Coffee is of course on offer, but there are more filling dishes here too like Beef Bolognese.

Cat & Jazz Coffee: Shanghai

It’s a bit different than the traditional cat café as the kitties are more of an addition to the music and drinks. The lighting is dim to create a warmer atmosphere, and the jazz music is on point. The menu is a little pricey, but the desserts and Chai tea are apparently worth it.

Cat Eyes Café: Shanghai

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The cats in this café are known to be really playful. The décor is simple with plenty of artwork on the walls and lots of scratching posts for the cats to climb. It’s kind of a hidden gem, and the menus are mostly in Chinese, but it should be easy enough to navigate.

Cup Cats: Shanghai

The kitties in this café love to be snuggled, making it perfect for visitors who want to relax with some new furry friends.

The prices are also known to be quite reasonable, and the food available is more hearty than the usual café fare. There is curry, Beef Bolognese, and meatballs to dine on in addition to that tea or coffee.

Ah Meow: Hong Kong

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Photo Source: Pinterest

Located in the Causeway Bay area, this cat café makes a pretty convenient stop after a day of shopping.

The whole place is cat themed, and it is recommended to make reservations as the place can get filled up quite quickly. The food items incorporate cats too, making it an especially fun place to bring the kids.

The cats here are said to be quite nice and playful, and the whole décor is quirky and fun.

Mr. & Mrs. Cat Café: Hong Kong

Drink some tea while cute cats sleep on your legs at this Hong Kong café. Guests are asked to wash their hands and change into slippers before mingling with the cats.

The whole décor looks like a playpen for the cats as there are things to climb on that go all the way up to the ceiling. There are cat toys everywhere but also plenty of cozy places for guests to sit and have a coffee too. The cats are friendly and all adoptable.

Sirena: Beijing

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Photo Source: Brommel

Much different than the other cafes on the list, Sirena is a Mediterranean-style café and bar. It’s open until 2 am and is known to have some pretty tasty cocktails and cute cats to go along with them. Plus, the menu offers plenty of coffee drinks, hearty meals, and dessert.

Meow Bar & Coffee: Beijing

This café is located in the trendy Sanlitun Complex. There are about ten cats roaming around at all times and lots of toys scattered around so that guests can get their attention. They serve fresh fruit juices, coffee drinks, and delicious cakes.

Cats44: Beijing

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Photo Source: TripAdvisor

This café is more down to earth as the cats here are strays instead of the fancier breeds found in other places.

You’ll find this Hutong establishment through a traditional courtyard with a couple of cat decorations to set it apart from the rest of the buildings. Grab a mocha with a cat-faced foam or dig into a cat shaped piece of cake.

Would you ever visit a cat café?

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