The Top Honey Moon Destinations in China

OK, so China may not be your top choice for a romantic honeymoon destination. However, the locals honeymoon in gorgeous places all around the country; not because they can’t go to a Caribbean island but because they want to.

In fact, Chinese people are “in the know” when it comes to romantic honeymoon spots in their country and you can be too.

If you’re an adventurous couple who wants to do something a little different after your big day, here are some of the top honeymoon destinations in China to consider.


Do the Chinese paintings with the karst mountains and winding rivers seem romantic to you? If so, you can bring the paintings to life by visiting the town of Yangshuo.

Located just south of Guilin city, the natural beauty of this town is reminiscent of a post card with an atmosphere to match. There are clear rivers, towering mountains, stunningly green rice fields and limestone towers.

The architecture is traditional and visitors can get a glimpse of ethnic villages, rice farmers and local customs. The natural beauty makes the place undeniably romantic and the activities available will give you plenty to do.

Take a private bamboo raft ride down the river and stop off for a traditional lunch at a restaurant along the banks. Take a trekking and bicycling tour through the mountains and rice paddies and retreat back to the city of Guilin to stay in a luxury hotel and enjoy cocktails and a fine meal before bed each evening.

Photo Source: Ampersand Travel

Photo Source: Ampersand Travel


While the city is absolutely buzzing with people, you may find you and your partner getting lost in the romance of the big city.

It’s metropolitan, high end and full of French influence, making a trip to Shanghai undeniably luxurious.

Stay at one of the prestigious hotels on the Bund for a nighttime view that never gets old. There is world class shopping, high-end dining and plenty of live jazz to watch together as you ease your way into each evening.

If elaborate parties are what you are after, it won’t be difficult to locate them as the nightlife in Shanghai is something of a legend.

Photo Source: The Pinnacle List

Photo Source: The Pinnacle List


If you still can’t picture having a honeymoon that doesn’t involve a beach, this destination might be for you. Located in the southern region of Hainan Island, it is considered one of the best beaches on mainland China.

Visit Yalong Bay for the white sand, wander through tropical gardens and make a visit to one of the stunning, Buddhist temples.

The island is full of remote little hideouts so either rent a car or a bicycle and set off to find them for some quality alone time.

There are quite a few luxury hotels like the Marriott which have private beaches and gorgeous ocean views too. Known for its seafood fare, there are plenty of top dining options to keep you full and satisfied throughout your stay.

Photo Source: Globo Girls

Photo Source: Globo Girls


For a truly romantic scene, this destination should be at the top of your list. Nestled within the Himalayans, this isolated mountain town is the quintessential honeymoon destination for natural beauty lovers.

While the area itself is stunning, it makes a perfect base for visiting other attractions like Tiger Leaping Gorge, Napa Lake, Xiagei Hot Springs, Haba Village, Ganden Sumtseling Monastery, and Pudacuo National Park. Shangri-la is known to have luxury hotels to retreat to after a day of exploring so you won’t have to want for comfort in this nature filled destination.



Located in the southern province of Fujian, this modern city is quite well known to Chinese locals but slightly off the beaten path for international honeymooners.

It has a unique balance of Chinese culture and international comforts while providing luxury and nature all at once. The city itself has a thriving nightlife and exquisite dining so days can be spent shopping, lounging in the park and taking cappuccino breaks.

However, if you want a bit more Chinese culture with the added bonus of some beach time, you can take a quick ferry ride over to Gulangyu island.

There will be street markets and vendors selling traditional snacks and plenty of coastline that gives you swimming access on hot days. Plus, the island is car free so you won’t have to worry about the congestion of traffic that plagues other areas of the country.

Are you ready for a romantic spin on an adventure? Start planning your Chinese honeymoon for something a little different.

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