The Top Places to Visit in China in 2017

The new year is right around the corner and it’s likely that you have a whole list of resolutions. Traveling more often is a popular one as people tend to want to experience, see and do more than the year before. If traveling is on your list for this upcoming year, consider making the journey to China. The country is packed with culture, oozing with history and full of natural scenery that is conducive to a trip of a lifetime. Need a little direction? Here are the top places in China to visit in 2017.


This city is always at the top of travel lists and for good reason. Unlike the large, metropolitan vibe of Shanghai, a visit to Beijing will offer a REAL Chinese experience. One of the best reasons to visit China in the first place is for its history and culture and Beijing is packed with it. Plus, there is a thriving underbelly of young, entrepreneurial trends like craft beer bars, breweries and street art. What should you do when you visit?

  • The Llama Temple: It’s not as popular as other temples but really should be. This Tibetan temple is full of color and is a nice change from the standard temples of China.
Photo Source: Curious Cat

Photo Source: Curious Cat

  • The Summer Palace: It’s a hugely common place to visit but doesn’t quite fall into the tourist trap category. Pack a picnic and take a day to get out of the bustling city and into a quiet and endlessly beautiful landscape.
  • The Great Wall: Why not pair your trip with this incredible site? Plus, you can cross one of the manmade world wonders off of your bucket list.
  • Hutongs: This antiquated part of the city is really a treasure trove of old and new culture. The ancient houses make for incredible scenery and the craft beer bars and art culture will bring you tons of inspiration.


This city is widely known both locally and internationally but isn’t often a destination that makes the list when foreigners visit China.

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It’s located in western China and is known for its spicy food and as the home to the Giant Panda species. What should you do on a visit?

  • See The Sichuan Opera: It’s one of China’s most respected performances where you can see elaborate costumes, face paint and acrobatics.
  • Visit The Leshan Buddha: Carved into a mountain, this Buddha statue is one of the biggest in the world. It goes way back to 713 AD during the Tang Dynasty and is a must see if visiting the area.
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A new year calls for a new sense of adventure and if you want to change up the way that you travel, visiting Fuzhou is a great way to do it. Located in the southeastern part of China, this destination is truly an authentic, Chinese city. There aren’t many people here who speak English so you will have to do your best to assimilate into the culture. What to do on a visit here?

  • Forest Park: It’s the largest park in the city and shows off some beautiful scenery. You can hike into the forest on the easy to navigate trail, hang out at the little amusement park or feed the fish in the ponds. Bring a picnic, check out the authentic Buddhist temple and wander around the flower orchards.
  • West Lake: It’s a recreation of the famed West Lake in Hangzhou and while it isn’t anywhere near as big, it is certainly a nice retreat from the city. You can join in on some dancing, see some live performances, visit a museum or play Mahjong with the locals.
  • Old Street: It’s a bit touristy but walking down this antiquated street is one of the best ways to get in all of your shopping. There are shops full of tea sets, traditional Chinese snacks and artwork. Spend some time relaxing in a café or pop into one of the museums.
Photo Source: Pinterest

Photo Source: Pinterest


It’s a small mountain town in southern China and is visited mostly by local tourists. However, Wuyishan is the place to visit if you love nature and are interested in Chinese tea culture. In fact, the town has been built on the tea trade and you can do tea tastings and try some pretty unique food from the street stalls (including eggs that have been hard boiled in tea.) What else should you do?

  • See The Tea Show: This theatrical performance takes place every night in Wuyishan and explains the story behind the town’s most famous tea. There are acrobatics, dancers, stunning costumes and a stage that moves at a 360 degree angle so that you can see it all.
  • Go Tea Tasting: Just like bar hopping, you can walk around to various shops and taste some of the teas. You may not be able to communicate in language but you will get to experience what the town is famous for.
  • Take a Bamboo Raft Ride: One of the top things to do here is take a bamboo raft ride down the river and through the mountains. The scenery is absolutely stunning and you can just sit back and relax as you cruise.
Photo Source: Sunflower Travel

Photo Source: Sunflower Travel

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