Top 10 Most Romantic Restaurants in Hangzhou

Hangzhou is one of the most romantic cities in China. The Legend of the White Snake originates here, atop the broken bridge of West Lake. A tale of two fated lovers – Xu Xian and Bai Suzhen –brought together by magic, and fated to be together no matter what. It is a city where love is in the air, and where Chinese couples come to take romantic getaways, so there’s certainly no shortage of romantic restaurants in Hangzhou.

Here’s a list of our top 10 most romantic restaurants in Hangzhou, to help you start fanning the flames of love (while also eating some excellent food).

Sawasdee Thai Restaurant

555 Fengqi Road | Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale Hotel – 2nd Floor

Sawasdee is one of the most romantic restaurants in Hangzhou.

The food here takes on a taste of its own, the staff service is impeccable, and the restaurant’s décor is fabulous. There’s not much to be said about the place other than that you should visit. 

Grandma’s Home

Hubin Road 3

Grandma’s Home is actually a chain restaurant, but it originates from the City of Hangzhou. The food here is local food, although there are a few things which don’t necessarily fit on the menu. For instance, you can order potato smiley faces.

This restaurant is spread throughout the city, but the best one to visit is probably the Hubin Road branch. This is right next to the Iconic West Lake of Hangzhou, so once you’ve finished eating, you’ll be able to go for a romantic stroll around the lake. Make sure to kiss atop the broken bridge; it’s exactly where the fated lovers first met.


83 Longjing Road

LvCha is the upmarket version of Grandma’s Home. Everything here is just a little bit more expensive and looks just a little bit nicer. Whether it tastes better is up to you, but then upmarket restaurants do make dates feel better most of the time. I guess what we’re trying to say is that it’s the perfect place for a first date. LvCha has a brilliant atmosphere, and it still offers local cuisine.

Asia Bistro

GongShu District HuShu South Road 28, JWWanHao Hotel 1 Floor

Asia Bistro is an excellent buffet option for when your date is the type of person who can’t make up their mind. If they can’t make up their mind, what better than to just give them everything? What else could make a place one of the most romantic restaurants in Hangzhou?

Asia Bistro

Source: Asia Bistro on TripAdvisor

There aren’t just Asian flavors here; you can also try a range of different dishes from around the world. All of which is prepared fresh and to a high standard. Your date will love you for taking them here; especially if they like to eat.


6, Lane 2, Baoshishanxia, Baoshu Road

An Italian restaurant which prides itself on simplicity and good tastes. The food here might not be as sophisticated as some of the bigger, fancier restaurants, but it tastes great. If you’ve got a date with someone who you’re not sure about what type of food they like, Angelo’s is a safe bet.

Slim’s New York Steak & Burger

202-2 Nanshan Road, Shangcheng District

If you’re looking for something a little more American, Slim’s New York Steak & Burger is one of your best options. The burgers here really are good, and everything reminds you of the US. You can even get a root beer float if that’s what you’re after.

Beef burger

Besides food, the restaurant also offers a pool table and a foosball table. So, once you’ve finished eating (or while you’re waiting for food), you and your significant other can always set up your own tournament to get the ball rolling. One of the most romantic restaurants in Hangzhou for couples who like to have relaxed dates.

La Pedrera

West gate of Dragon Hotel, 2 Hangda Road

There’s nothing like some Mediterranean and Spanish food for lighting a scene of love. La Pedrera’s European taste is only exemplified by its European aesthetic. Every couple who comes to La Pedrera’s leaves happy. Don’t forget to try the paella, it tastes amazing. One of the most romantic restaurants in Hangzhou for couples who like trying something exotic.


10 Beishan Road

Another more western dining choice for couples looking for something other than Chinese food. Carbon is perfect for a romantic night out, especially due to its location. It’s just a few minutes’ walk from the broken bridge, and the food here is incredible. Expect a range of dishes from around the world, including Mexican, American and (yes they have it) some Chinese food.

Food prep

You can even spice things up a little by heading over to Carbon on one of its famous salsa evenings. Ever think of going dancing with your partner? Why not take the chance to do it in Hangzhou?

Living Room

1366 Qianjiang Road | 39/F, Park Hyatt Hangzhou

Located in the Park Hyatt, Living Room is supposedly a more upmarket place to relax. You’ll find it on the 39th floor of the building, which isn’t as high up as the next option, but it still offers some great views of the city.

Note that Living Room is expensive. It’s probably going to cost you a lot more than most other establishments in the city, but the food tastes great. Definitely worth it for anyone looking to put together one impeccable date.


1366 Qianjiang Road | 48/F, Park Hyatt Hangzhou

Another restaurant located in the Park Hyatt, Forty8 offers a range of Chinese and international dishes; perfect for any international couples out there. You’ll also have a large selection of drinks to choose between, from your favorite red back home to more exotic Chinese options.

The restaurant has incredibly beautiful furnishings, and many of the seats offer an unbelievable view of the city during the evening. If you can, try to get a window seat. It really is worth it. As it’s located on the 48th floor of the building, the view is nothing to be sniffed at. Probably one of the best views in the city, at one of the most romantic restaurants in Hangzhou.

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