Canton Tower: Unique and Thrilling Experience

Guangzhou is a modern Chinese city in the Guangdong province, which is said to be the richest in this enormous country. As a 1st tier city, there’s reliable and well-maintained metro and road infrastructure, making it easy to commune within.

Apart from its luxurious offerings, Guangzhou is also full of historical spots and beautiful landscapes. Yet, the most widely known, and by far the tallest structure in Guangzhou, is the Canton Tower.

Let’s take a closer look at the tower that can be easily seen from afar.

Canton Tower

Canton Tower thrills

Top attractionsAt the time of its completion, just a few years ago, it was the tallest tower in the world measuring just over 575 meters. Now there are two taller towers, one in Tokyo, and one in Shanghai.

Even though it is no longer the tallest tower, it still holds a few Guinness World Records, and other exciting things to see or do while there.

Sky drop

The highest thrill ride in the World. This standing jump vehicle takes 4 riders to a height of 485 meters and drops them 31 meters down where they slow down and safely get off at the height of 454 m. You have to have nerves of steel not to be moved by that, and we’re sure you will remember this ride for the rest of your life.

Sky drop

Revolving restaurants

There are a few places to eat while visiting the Canton tower. The best of them are located on the 103rd, 103rdA and 106th floors of Canton Tower.

Apart from feasting on the best of French, Mediterranean, and Chinese cuisines, the guests are able to view the whole Panorama of the city. Take your other half along, add some candles to the dinner, and the evening will be as romantic as can be.

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Bubble Tram

Rotating outside the Canton Tower at mere 455 meters, the Bubble Tram will make you shiver if you’re afraid of heights, or excite you if you just love the best possible views of the city.

Bubble-shaped sightseeing cabins surrounded by glass will take you for a 20-25 minutes ride around the top of the tower.

bubble tram

Sky Walk

This little platform that extends the viewing area, adds a new perspective to the viewers’ experience. The platform is surrounded by transparent glass, on which you can walk on.

You will get a new appreciation for the height of the Canton Tower once you get to look at the distance between your feet and the ground (around 450 m down).

What’s more, the staff at the Sky Walk offer professional photo session to perpetuate your memories. However, it is quite expensive to take advantage of their service.

Location and how to get there

Canton Tower is located in Haizhu district in Guangzhou. Thanks to its height, it’s very hard to miss, wherever you are in the Haizhu district.

What’s more, the metro and bus station stations are situated under the tower, which makes it even easier to get to this attraction.

Guangzhou Metro map

When to go

While Guangzhou city is beautiful all year round, the most important is the visibility on the day of your visit. While it would still be exciting to try a sky drop on a misty day, it will be unforgettable if you could see the whole city at the same time.

Therefore, head for the Canton Tower when the sky is clear for the best experience.

Prices and availability

Prices range from 150 RMB to 488 RMB depending on the attractions you. The photo below shows the available options, but make sure you visit the Official Canton Tower Website before going for more up-to-date information.

Please bear in mind that not all tickets have unlimited availability. In the evening, the more expensive tickets may be sold out quite early, so if you don’t want to miss out on your favourite attractions you should purchase the tickets in advance or get there early.

Final words…

Whether you’re afraid of heights or not, like thrill or not, have been to a few tall towers in your life or not, Canton Tower is an attraction not-to-be-missed! Whatever your preferences, you will find something there that floats your boat. Even if we still have not convinced you to go to the top, you should still go and see the beauty of this architecture from below.

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